3 Days of Shredding, 2 Crazy Cats, & a Partridge in a Pear Tree

In case you didn’t hear, it snowed in North Carolina this week. It accumulated to about 8 inches which is good enough to shut down the state.

The credit for the image goes to a weatherman at WFMY. I saved it to text to my mom, who thought it was funny.

Here is an actual picture:

That was Wednesday morning and it didn’t stop snowing until late afternoon. Schools have been closed since then because, down here, we kinda just wait for things to melt.

It’s currently almost 50 degrees.

I like to take advantage of being home on snow days. Last year, I redid my half bath. This year, I continued my minimizing mission and tackled the hardest part of being an adult. 


I’ve been shredding papers for 3 days and I’m nowhere near done. I shred pay stubs from back in 2010. I relived my job hunting days and the time I somehow lived my life with $400+ student loan payments. I found the lease agreement from the house we rented during my senior year of college. 

I’ve always been the type to save papers “just in case.” Just in case of what, though? Once I locate them, I’ll of course save my tax returns and mortgage documents, but why do I think I need to save every bill and document I’ve received for the past 10 years? I think it’s insane, therefore I just be insane.

On the bright side, shredding makes me feel like I’m really getting stuff done. Look at the clutter go! I got a shredder from Amazon that cuts everything into little pieces of confetti and I’d place it on my list of great purchases. It’s so easy to dump these little pieces! 

While I celebrate one accomplishment, my cats are destroying another.

I don’t think I have photos, but pre-cat I placed some succulents on a shelf in the den, right under the window. Neither Timmy nor Bear could reach the shelf… Until last week. Nothing is safe now. They’re like two little Spider-Mans that can scale any obstacle and knock things off, just to watch them fall. 

Most of the succulents have been pulled out of the pots. Today, Bear knocked a little souvenir from Delaware off the shelf. I was emailing my principal when I hear shatter! The sound of broken glass. After I swept it up, they were playing with a clump of dort. Surely, they must be borwd , I thought. 

They were uninterested in chasing anything on a stick. Now they’re napping in the sunlight.

I planted some seeds the other night (early, I know) and while I’m shredding they like to sit on the plastic container.

That’s the face of contentment.

I’m hoping to complete the shredding adventure this weekend so the guest room is finally cleared out. I always watch Hoarders for inspiration. I noticed that I pin an awful lot of bright, white rooms on Pinterest. I generally don’t like white walls in real life, so this obsession is interesting. The sunlight is so nice in the guest room so I’m aiming for a bright, off-white with green or blue undertones. 

I had to remind myself, no new projects! I’ll paint once my other projects are complete. 

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