No Spend Saturday, Week 2

No Spend Saturday started with my cat, Bear, scratching my cornea while he’s doing the paws. That shit hurt, so I googled “my cat scratched my eye” and according to the internet I needed to get myself to an urgent care right away. If anything is going to get my butt out of bed and out the house at 8 a.m.on a Saturday morning, it’s the headline, “Woman goes blind after cat scratch.” 

After sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes with many people wearing sick masks and a woman on the phone talking loudly about how she’s not dealing with a car that smells like weed, I got to see the doctor. He put some solution in my eye that numbed the pain and also lit my eye up with a black light. He said the tear isn’t so bad and that if it’s still hurting and I’m still seeing double vision to see an ophthalmologist on Monday. I’ll do it if I have to but that’s not really how I was planning on spending my day off.

Later in the day, I went to Wal-Mart with a short, reasonable list that I was going to pay for in cash. I’d gone to Lowe’s this week to change my mind on the dishwasher and I’ve been using the cash to pay for things, like the $25 copay at urgent care and then this trip. 

But alas, I found the seed aisle and decided to treat myself to a bunch of seed packets and the seed starting kits. I told myself, no more straying from your list. Then I found some car trees that are eucalyptus scented! And I should probably pick up some spackle while I’m here. And at this point I’m so over budget I’m going to buy all the things I may ever need to eat.

I still planned to pay cash, but after loading my many items on the checkout I find out the one I’m using doesn’t accept cash. Of course it wouldn’t! So in a state of pure laziness, I charged it to the credit card I’m trying to dig out of because I’m not about to reload and unload my cart again.

I’m not proud. I even purposefully went to Wal-Mart instead of Target so I wouldn’t be tempted by unnecessary things. However, I will not go hungry in the next few weeks.

When I got home I discovered my cats were eating a plant that I thought was out of reach. I got so angry with them, that I gave them the silent treatment for a while. During that while, I was struck by the spirit to clean out my coat closet. While I was in the waiting room, I was organizing my Pinterest boards so I would have one dedicated to minimalism. I decided that cleaning this closet would be a good first step towards my minimalist goal.

Here’s how the closet looked:

As you can see, it was a hot mess of coats, bags, and Christmas stuff. What you cannot see is the glittery mess on the floor from the wreaths my cats enjoy chewing on when I’m putting on a coat.

I took everything out and went through every bag, box, nook, and cranny. I made a bag for garbage, one for donations, and one for shredding. I found $1.26. I kept reminding myself to be ruthless with things. I don’t need this empty box! This coat has a hole in the pocket! Toss ’em!

After clearing the top shelf, I decided to use nails to hang the wreaths out of reach from adventurous kittens. I used another nail to hang the reusable bags I decided to keep. I’m going to donate 2 backpacks to my school as well as some coats. I switched out the plastic hangers for the black velvet kind, swept and vacuumed, and here is the result:

You didn’t even know there was a shelf in there, did you? It was buried under clutter! I moved the Christmas things into a wider spare closet, brought my cat carrier into this one, and the bonus is that I now have a space for my vacuum! Yay! 

Since spontaneously cleaning my closet was a success, I’m pumped to do more minimizing tomorrow. The space I’m going to tackle is a mystery. I’m counting on seeing where my spirit leads me. 

No Spend Saturday was a fail in the money arena, but a win in the minimizing challenge. Let’s hear it for small victories!

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