No Spend Saturday – Week 1

My ultimate goal this year is to pay off my credit card, and then move on to other debts until I’m ultimately “debt free.” This is going to be more of a challenge than I thought because my once a month paycheck is being stretched soooo thin that it’s nearly invisible. 

I came to this realization yesterday when I was flipping through a few spring bulb and flower catalogs. One of them was offering 50% off of everything, and was obviously the best offer of the three. I crunched some numbers and ideas and settled in about $50 worth of bulbs, shrubs, and flowers. When I went to check my bank account, I saw I had about $400 dollars in it.

 Okay, so I may have to wait until February to place my order, I thought. The deadline is February 2 and I’ll be paid in January 31. Or I can spend the money and replace it with some of my Christmas money. It wasn’t until I was baking my spaghetti squash that this thought process ocurred: Was the $400 before or after my student loan payment? Today is only the 5th and that isn’t taken out until the 7th… Does that really mean I’ll have $200 to get me through January????

Yes, indeed. I will have about $200 to get me through January. I need to fill up my gas tank, but it will last until February. I’ll need to get cat food and litter and I spoil the boys so there goes some of it. I’ll be getting a filling in a chipped tooth at the end of the month… Is there a copay for that? I don’t even know, I’ve never had a filling. 

This is how I ended up with $4000 of credit card debt.

How can I not spoil these faces?!?

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