I wonder how many folks start blogs on January 1? 

I wonder how many people are like me and get back to blogging on January 1? 

Normally, I start the year with a laundry list of goals and resolutions. This year I have one goal, which essentially ties into a lot of other, smaller resolutions. That goal is to finish out 2018 with no credit card debt. 

2017 involved a lot of changes and expenses. I adopted my kittens, Timmy and Bear. I had to replace my stove and get a new tire on my car. My monthly car payment went up. I had surgery. I also used my credit card for a lot of unnecessary purchases, like if I overspent throughout the month and then needed groceries. I treated myself to a fancy camera. And there was one month That I literally ate my money.

That lifestyle is no more! I’m going to utilize a combination of the envelope system and some Dave Ramsey tips. Drake says he has no new friends, but I have no new projects, no no no no nono. No new projects until I complete the several I started!

First, I’m making a return to attempting minimalism. I spent part of today pricing and taking photos of items I’m going to try to sell on the local Facebook yard sale groups. Whatever doesn’t sell will go on eBay (a new frontier for me). 

Bear napping in the “things to sell” box.

I’m watching Fixer Upper as I write this and I hope 2018 brings an end to shiplap, farmhouse style, and colorless decor. I’m working on bringing color back! Don’t judge my grey walls and couch.

So join me as I beat back debt on a single person’s salary while still making a fabulous, colorful home. Plus you’ll get pictures of my adorable kittehs.

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