Hallway Update

The last time I wrote, which was months ago, I was starting my serious room-by-room makeover. I decided I wanted to paint my hallway a bright blue, leaning towards a teal. I couldn’t decide between these 3 choices:

With the help of my Facebook friends, I chose “Starry Night,” which is actually really called “Starry Sky.”

Here is a photo of my hallway from when I moved in. This may appeal to some people, as home decor seems to be having a “neutral farmhouse” moment (that is lasting forever ever). Having grown up in a rental and living in a few here and there, I can’t get down with whites or off-whites. I. NEED. COLOR.

When I moved in, I chose HGTV by Sherwin Williams` color Fawn Brindle for my living room and hallway. I still love it in my living space, although that area is very, very unfinished. I never fully embraced it in my hall, and never hung anything other than a few things to take up space.

Still, I can see people preferring this over the teal. I can at least understand that with this color, because there’s some depth to it. It makes every picture I’ve put up pop against it. However, I love the transformation of my hallway with the teal.

Here it finally is, complete, in natural light.

Here it is from a different angle, with the hallway light on. Part of the project was updating the trim and paint on the closet doors. I went pretty basic with Valspar’s Perfect White trim paint, and Perfect White ceiling paint. It’s amazing how freshening up the trim and ceiling can brighten a space.

The view from the kitchen… I tried to line up the 5 photos by the top edge. I used measuring tape and painters tape and everything. Alas, the center photo with the 3 pictures is slightly lower than the rest. The only reason I’m okay with it is because it’s in the middle, so there is still some symmetry.

I went with mainly black and white photos to balance out the blue and I think it was the perfect choice.

You can also see me pondering a white paint color for my kitchen. Hypocritical? No, because I don’t like any of them, and because I want to paint my cabinets a color.

How much color is too much color, is the question.

My kitchen “renovation” is years away anyway. I did just get a new range and decided I prefer white appliances over stainless steel. Stainless is the real hypocrite because it always get smudges that are hard to get off.

Now that it’s no longer hotter than the sun out there, I’ve been doing things in the garden. I’ve completed 2 sections as of now, and I’m working on 2 more. I’m waiting for a few things to happen.

1) I’m waiting for fall perennials to come out

2) I’m waiting for spring bulbs to come out.

3) I’m waiting for my Mexican sunflowers to die so I can reassess that area. The Mexican sunflowers were amazing and I absolutely want them in my garden next year, just not where I put them this year. They are the only acceptable annual, in my opinion. They’re taller than me and have attracted hummingbirds and butterflies to my yard, and bees love them. I’m pro-#pollinator.

4) I need more top soil before I’ll put the weed blocking fabric down.

I hope you love my hallway as much as I do. If you don’t, it’s cool because we all have different tastes and I respect that. The next room I’ll be working on is my guest room, which is the room that collects the most junk. I’m having trouble deciding on a paint color. I’ve gone from beige to sage and nothing is speaking to me.

I will show off my yard soon. All that hard work needs to be seen.

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