Storm King Art Center: A Review

I recently visited Storm King Art Center, which is located in Cornwall, New York. Cornwall is about an hour outside of New York City, and you can get there by car or by taking a bus to Woodbury Commons and transferring to the bus to Storm King. I’ve lived most of my life within 30 minutes of Storm King and it’s been on my to-do list for a while, so I was excited to finally get to go.

The entrance is hidden off of what seems like a residential road, which caused us (my mom and I) to drive around for a bit. So when your Google maps says you’ve reached your destination and you’re looking around like, huh? Keep going. It’s on the right.

The cost for adults is $18 each. There’s a discount for seniors and students, and if you fall into either of those categories then you’ll pay $10. I was sad that I couldn’t find my grad school student ID because it has no expiration date. Oh well. They give you a map when you pay. I found the map easy to follow, once we got our bearings. 

Storm King is approx. 500 acres, so wear comfortable shoes. Remember when I went to Biltmore and I saw a bunch of ladies trying to look cute? You want to look cute with sneakers here. You’ll be walking a lot and it’s very grassy. Ticks love grassy fields so wear sneakers and put on bug spray. And sunscreen, because you’re in a lot of wide open places. I put on sunscreen and still got a burn on my shoulders :[ It is very possible to see all 500 acres in one day.

My mom stalked the weather for weeks leading up to the day we chose, and I’m glad she did. We went on a gorgeous day with a breeze, low humidity, and temperatures around 80. The next day, which was our second option, it was rainy and overcast. We went to Ikea (my favorite!!!!!) that day. So keep an eye on the weather.

You know how I said it’s possible to see all 500 acres? I was pumped because according to the website, Storm King offers a tram. Due to some health issues, my mom can’t walk 500 acres. So we showed up like, let’s go here and then hop on the tram and go there! After we saw everything we needed to in the south fields, we sat on the tram bench with a plan and waited. And waited. Another pair of visitors asked if we were waiting for the tram and we said yeah, but we hadn’t seen it in like, 45 minutes. We walked around a little more, and then sat on a bench for almost 30 minutes waiting for a tram that never came.

We were under the assumption that the tram ran constantly around the park. What really happens is the tram leaves for a tour every hour, on the hour. You can hop on and off at any point, but once the tour is finished the tram chills until the next hour. Once we finally got on the tram, we were on it for all of 5 minutes before it stopped. We were like, ummm are you going to pass the cafe? And the driver was like not for another 45 minutes, but you can walk across there. 

So if you’re visiting with a disabled partner or small children, keep in mind that the tram isn’t like a bus you wait a few minutes for. 

It’s cool, just walk across this enormous field!

The cafe food was good, but there’s also the option to bring food and eat in one of the picnic areas. Had we known this, I think we would have chosen this option. We would have avoided the trek across the field. We also would have saved money on the over-priced sandwiches, even though I thoroughly enjoyed my sliced smoked chicken with arugula and tarragon Dijon mayonnaise on ciabatta.  They have food trucks placed around the center on the weekends, but we were there on a weekday.

I always have to report on the state of the bathrooms. 

There are no indoor bathrooms at Storm King. When you see the restroom icons on the map, what you’re really coming across is a little village of portajohns. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. I found the portajohns to be clean, an 8 out of 10. Definitely not as gross as say, the portajohns at a festival or concert. Bring hand sanitizer though. 

The gift shop was unimpressive. The best souvenirs you can get from Storm King are your memories and photographs. The sculptures and views of the Hudson Valley are magnificent. The art is so unique, and offers a lot of photographic opportunities. Even with the inconvenience of the tram and the restrooms, I would highly recommend visiting Storm King. 

I mean, look at these photos… #thoseviewstho 

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