So Much To Do, So Little Progress

When I think about decorating/renovating/minimizing my home, it often feels like that puzzle game where you have to slide the pieces around in order to reveal a picture. I know what it is that I’m aiming for, but getting to that point is a challenge. 

I’ve likely accomplished more than I realize. But it’s the basket of clean clothes sitting on my kitchen floor for a week that makes me question progress. Things have a way of living in a spot for a while around here.

As far as the outside goes, it’s been sooooo hooootttt and I don’t really want to go out there. I want to finish all of my outdoor projects before I go home for vacation. Below, I’ve shared the progress I’ve made on 2 beds on the side of my house. The first one is complete, and the second is still quite a work in progress. 

Some coneflowers from this bed.

Below, still a major work in progress but let’s take a moment to consider how much has changed!

I’ve also planted roses and Mexican sunflowers in part of my front bed. Mathematically, I’m only about 25% through with the front bed. 

Before I leave, I want to complete bed #2, plant the hibiscus on the left side of my house, next to the one I planted last year, plant the lilies and foxtail fern in the front bed, finish adding river rocks to the left side bed, and mulch all of these areas. I have a week and a half to accomplish this, plus my regular job.

The inside has seen even less progress, I think. I’m still working on my hallway. I’ve chosen the color, painted the walls, and painted the trim that I can reach. I need to get my ass up a ladder to paint the trim I can’t reach and the ceiling, plus 1 closet door. Then I can hang my wall decor. 

I still haven’t replaced the broken vent fan in the full bath. The box has now become just another surface.

I’ve spiraled out of control when it comes to minimizing my wardrobe. I’ve completely broken up with lularoe (I still need to officially resign) and discovered Agnes & Dora. A&D is so much more my aesthetic. I ruined a few white shirts in the wash so I took a trip to Old Navy to replace them, but came out with much more than a white shirt. I bought a new pair of amazing 90s style platform sandals, and went a little h.a.m. at ULTA the same day.


My plan to recover from this binge is to post the remaining Lula that I don’t wear on the buy/sell/trade groups. I honestly don’t wear as much of it as I’d like. I mainly wear the maxi skirts… but… The A&D skirts are softer and significantly cheaper. And prettier. Sorry, not sorry. 

I mean, look at these clothes!


2 thoughts on “So Much To Do, So Little Progress

  1. It looks like you’re making some pretty good progress outside! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Plants freak me out. I got a few potted plants this season. I killed the first and quickly realized that our city water is deadly. Just another reason to buy a Brita filter.

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