Yesterday was the official 2 year anniversary of closing on my house. What an adventure it’s been! I’ve learned so many new skills that if I was a Sim I’d be at the top of my career by now!

It seems appropriate that today I started my room-by-room makeover in the Hallway. I chose a color and painted the walls. My next step is to paint the ceiling and trim, then hang pictures before the big reveal.

The thing I am the most excited about is that I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHY MY TUB DRAINS SO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

The slow draining tub has taunted me for almost two years. I’ve probably poured every kind of drain clearing agent that is on the market. Nothing worked. I once tried to open the drain to snake it out, only to learn the screw was so worn down it was impossible (I wrote a blog entry about that). When the plumber came, he told me if I was going to snake it I had to remove the cover of the…. I don’t even know what it’s called. Here’s a picture:

I removed it today, and after tinkering with it for a few minutes and filling the tub with water, I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! The contraption that controls the speed of the drain wasn’t functional with where the screws were located. But if it was attached about an inch above there, the drain worked like a drain should.

I pondered for a second… how do I reattach this higher than where the screws are?

I have officially entered a new realm of homeownership because it didn’t take long to think of the answer and know it was in my kitchen drawer.

Gorilla Glue. I reattached it with Gorilla Glue. 

Now I won’t be ankle deep in water when I shower. Now my shower won’t get so gunky so quickly. My life has changed and I didn’t have to call a plumber to do it.

Actual photo of me celebrating my victory:

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