Redecorating the Hallway

In my last post, I said that I wanted to paint my hallway a bright blue. I’ve also said in other posts that I’m ready to start the redecoration/reno of the whole house. My method of madness is to go room by room. I decided to start with the hall because I have a solid idea of what I want.

The first thing I’m going to do is repaint all the trim and the ceiling in Sherwin Williams` Eider White. The reason for this is solely because I used that white to do the ceiling and trim in my den and it looks good, plus I don’t want to have to redo that to match the living room (once I get to it). I do not want to do this in a high gloss. What is white now is so shiny and makes the space look tacky. I’ll probably do a semi gloss or a satin. I’ll also be painting the weird wooden extra baseboard piece to pull it all together.

The hallway as it currently looks (color is SW Fawn Brindle)

I’ll also be replacing the boring ceiling lamp. It’s now just your run of the mill boob lamp. I looked at Lowe’s today and didn’t see a worthy replacement… but you know I like Home Depot better anyway so I’ll look around next time I’m there.

Next is choosing a wall color. This has proven to be quite difficult because what I see in my head is struggling to happen in real life. Now seems like the perfect moment to share how amazing those little paint samples are. I think it’s 100% worth it to spend a few dollars to try out a color and hate it, rather than spend $30 and hate it.

The perfect example of this happened with Behr’s “Not a Cloud in Sight.” When I painted the little square, I loved it. I thought, “oh how pretty and bright! My pictures will look so good against it!” During a burst of energy last night, I painted HUGE portions of my hall to get a real idea. Those little half pints go a long way.

Once I got it all over the wall, I went from loving it to hating it. It’s not the mature bright blue I wanted. It’s the color of a baby’s room or a teenage girl’s room. I’m pretty sure when I looked on Pinterest for examples, a few of those rooms came up.

It’s a pretty color, but not the direction I’m going.

More pinteresting revealed the color I envisioned was more of a teal than a blue. I went to Lowe’s this morning and explored the Valspar and Sherwin Williams colors, and found 3 that I liked. They also passed the Pinterest test by not being in childish rooms. I put some patches on the walls and took pictures in natural light, as well as light from the boob lamp. The white paint chips are the Eider White.

Right now, my two favorites are the Intense Teal and Starry Night. Gypsy Teal is gorgeous but darker than I wanted. I may try it on my front door, though. The last time I painted my front door I used the sample size and it was enough.

So what do you think? Which teal should I go with?

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