In the Middle of Minimalism and Maximalism 

Please, don’t judge me on the petty issue I feel I’m about to create. I’ve been home, recovering from a minor surgery, since April 6. I’ve had hours to go on Pinterest and to watch Netflix, and I’ve thought too much about everything. This includes home decor, which was originally what I wanted this blog to be about. 

I’m committed to the idea of Minimalism in the sense of stuff. If I truly only wear the same 5 scarves all the time, why do I need 20 scarves? Toss ’em. I’ve enjoyed the process of going through my closets and cabinets and either tossing unused/unloved items, or putting them in the donate pile. I’ve stopped myself from buying things I don’t need by saying to myself, “you save 100% of the money you don’t spend.” 

What I’m not as committed to is the idea of Minimalism as my home decor style of choice. I suppose it all goes back to growing up in a rental, but I hate white walls. Yet somehow, I’m pinning photos of bright, white rooms every day. I’m enamored with how clean and airy it looks, to the point that I decide I’d like my home to look like that. I go to Lowe’s and get paint chips for calming off-whites and slap them all over the walls.

But wait… I’m also attracted to photos of Maximalism. I love homes that show off lives lived, and that have color and texture. Yes, I want to get rid of all my commercial art and knick knacks that serve no purpose besides filling in an empty spot. I also have a lot of wall art that means something to me and evokes memories of places been with loved ones. 

I also remind myself that I despise the wall colors in my bedroom and guest room, which are light gray and yellowy off-white, respectively. Why would I change from one pale color to another, knowing that it’s the lack of color that turns me off. So I go to Home Depot and help myself to more saturated colors and slap them on my walls.

Ahhh, that feels better. 

What would you call the middle of Minimalism and Maximalism? Normalism? I do what I want-ism? Eclecticism? I don’t exactly know. What I do know is that I want to paint my hallway bright blue. I do know that the reason I bought a house is so I can paint a room hot pink if I wanted to. 

I have realized and accepted that my aesthetic is this middle ground. I definitely do not want a lot of stuff. I don’t need to take trips to Home Goods just to fill up space with useless tchotchkes. I want the stuff I have to have meaning and purpose. I also want color. I want my home to evoke joy. I want to share things that represent my crazy life. 

Next month is the 2 year anniversary of moving in. I’ve lived here long enough to finally make the crazy, drastic changes that will make this house mine. The first stop will be the hallway, where I’ll paint the walls blue and freshen up the trim and hang my degrees, photos, and postcards. I have a lot to edit, but after sitting on this couch for a month I’m ready to do this thing. 

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