Does Anyone Else Do This?

It’s been 1 full week since my surgery. I’m off any painkillers and I’m somewhat comfortable, but I can tell my body is still recovering. Part of my recovery is walking a bit each day. Yesterday, I decided to walk around my favorite stores: Lowe’s and Home Depot. 

When you’ve spent the majority of the week in your house, you start to notice things. Things start to bother you. If you were physically and financially able, you would be in the midst of a renovation by now.

I went to Lowe’s first because it’s closer. I wanted to purchase some succulents, but also check out the prices on a few items. Deep down, I’ve always felt this way, but yesterday confirmed it… Home Depot is far superior to Lowe’s. Their garden section is larger, has better prices, and is healthier. I’ve always found they have more options with everything I’ve ever looked for. The only thing that I like better about Lowe’s is their paint. I just really like Sherwin Williams. 

I left Lowe’s after a few minutes and headed to Home Depot. Home Depot is like, 6 minutes away whereas Lowe’s is like, 2. I think it’s worth the “extra trip.” Everything I needed was there. They had hundreds of succulents to Lowe’s pitiful, half dead selection. I bought a small mandevilla vine for $5, along with a pineapple sage and a sweet mint plant. I cannot dig, but I can put plants in pots. Small plants. I had to pass on the agave because it was too heavy. 

Despite being tired, I probably spent a good hour looking at all the things I want/need. And this is where I wonder if anyone else does what I do. I bring my tablet with me so I can take photos of the things I want and the price. That way, I know how much to save. 

I’m mentally working on my guest room and bathrooms. Yes, I just did my half bath. But that white tile is killing me. I need it gone. It consumes me every day.

Pre-most recent change

I want to change the whole thing. Here’s what I picked out:


I saw a YouTube video where a guy used this tool to get the tiles off his wall. A hammer and chisel failed for me, so this is my next step. It will come in handy for all future projects, such as crown molding, so I think it’s a worthy investment.

I hate the vanity in the half bath. I love the pedestal sink in the full bath. I dream of the day I can rip that ugly white monster apart and put this in. It will open up so much space.

The toilet in the half bath has given me problems since day 1, and is currently not working. There was a constant drip for a few weeks that almost drove me to madness, and then it stopped. Boy, bye. I’m trying to be more energy efficient anyway.

Also broken is the exhaust fan in the full bath. I took pictures of the 2 options I liked best, so I can have the measurements. The problem there is that I cannot reach comfortably, so I’ll either have to wait or ask someone to replace it.

So am I crazy? I picked my floor out too, I just didn’t snap a photo. Is this obsessive, or fiscally responsible? I also Google paint colors, is that weird? Does anyone else do this???

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Do This?

  1. Best way to get that tile off is to knock off the top tile and cut the sheetrock and pull off the whole thing in one piece. I assume you are going to put up different tile or wainscoting?? then you can just put up new sheetrock and tile/wainscoy over it. No spackling or sanding.


    1. A guy at lowes told me the same thing. I don’t want new tile, I just want wall. My house was built in the 50s and judging by how my walls feel vs. Walls in newer homes, I feel like it would be a bad idea to take part of the wall out, if that makes sense? It’s so solid. I’m really curious about what’s behind these tiles though because they are thicker than any tile I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your comment!


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