Budget Review, Month 1

Last month I set up a strict budget to follow in March. Since I’m coming up on exchange day (aka pay day, in one hand and out the other), I thought it would be a good time to review how I did.

Overall, I’d give myself a C. One bright spot is that I didn’t spend any money at lowes, except on oil for my lawnmower which falls under necessity. I returned the tools I bought for a big project when I realized the project was too big for me. Another bright spot was that the $100 cash limit I set for going out worked. Even when I thought I went overboard, I would have a slow week and end up saving. Getting my lunch from the Boars Head counter helped me tremendously.

An area in which I struggled and/or failed was not setting the correct budget for my bills, so that went over. I was only going to buy 1 item of clothing per month and I crashed and burned this weekend when I commented sold on a few too many lularoe dresses. I hit up a craft fair, told myself I’m only buying one thing, and ended up with 2 pairs of earrings and a delicious coffee face scrub, a spearmint scented soap, and a special blend of tea. Oops. I was only going to buy what was on my list at target today… but tell me, who can turn down thin mint brownie mix?!? 

I have a bunch of clothes freshly washed and ready to be vetted at the used clothes store. That was a task on my list that actually kept me really focused this month. Here’s where I stand currently on my massive to do list.

To err is human, and although I know I could have done better with saving this month I’m going to do even better in April. And that’s with a week of spring break in the middle. And I’ll have 3 new, gorgeous dresses to wear while I’m saving money.

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