The List

March is the first month of my super-strict budget. I’m using a combination of self-control and David Ramsey tips to accomplish my financial goals. 

Self Control

I made the following list and told myself that I’m not allowed to start anything new until I finish the list.

I binged on the Netflix series “Love” over the weekend and I was inspired by Mickey’s place. She has a nice muted color palette but then a bunch of eclectic stuff. Ultimately, I’d like my house to be cozy and eclectic, with knickknacks from experiences, not IKEA. I’m still on my mission to minimalize my space, so over time I’ll probably collect items that aren’t attached to memories and have a yard sale. 

Anyway, the purpose of this list is twofold: get things done and save money doing it. I’m really good at buying the materials for a project and then starting a new project. The can of black paint for the banister has been there since the fall. 

If you’re like me and have the mind and attention span of a kid in a toy store, then I think lists are vital to getting anything done. The challenge most people face is they don’t stick to the list. In order to make this work, I had to make a pact with myself and constantly remind myself how awesome it will be when I accomplish everything. I changed my phone wallpaper to scenes from Iceland and Bali as a constant reminder. I set budgets through my bank and they email me whenever I’ve reached 80% of my allowance. I’ve saved significantly more money this month.

Today I was struck by the idea of removing the white tiles on my bathroom walls. They’re the absolute worst. Old me would be like, “let’s goooo!!!” But new me is like, “woah there girl, you haven’t even painted the bathroom cabinet- oh, what’s that? You’d rather use the pink paint on the door? That’s cool I guess.” And I realize that I just painted it 2 months ago, but I want to change the color again. That’s the joy of owning your own house. 

By the time I complete the list it will most likely be close to summer, so I’ll have a few months to figure out what I want to do. What is on your list? How do you plan to motivate yourself to complete it? Share in the comments below.

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