Seed Starting Fail

I saw on Pinterest that it’s a good idea to start seeds in ice cream cones. They’re biodegradable and easy to transplant. 

Ice Cream cones are difficult to find in target, by the way. I scanned each aisle 3 times before I found them across from the ice cream freezer. That’s where I logically thought they should be but overlooked them.

I planted nasturtium and passion flower seeds in some seed starting mix in the cones. I added water. I covered the container I was using with saran wrap and placed them by my window.

Two weeks later, I noticed my Brussels sprouts had started. I didn’t use cones for them, I just filled the bottom of the container with soil. One morning glory sprouted. Nothing to report from the cones.

Until yesterday. I took a good, hard look at what was going on in the container yesterday and was appalled. There is a solid layer of white mold where all the ice cream cones were. It’s quite fascinating, to be honest, but I’m afraid if I take the saran wrap off I’ll die. Here’s a censored version of the science experiment that I’m going to drop in the trash.

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