She Went to Rake the Leaves… What Happened Next Will Shock You!

It’s 72 degrees and basically full on spring here, so my mind is a flutter with all the possibilities for my yard. Winter may or may not return, so right now I’m focusing on tidying up the mess. I can admit I neglected my yard last summer, due to the heat and my funk. What’s left in the back is two fall’s worth of leaves, and a year’s worth of dead, dried up weeds. It’s not pretty.

Here’s the plan I cooked up during my meeting today. Don’t act like you don’t daydream and plan things during meetings. 

This is not at all to scale

Originally, I thought I wanted my focus for this year to be on my front yard. However, there are some evergreen shrubs that I despise and want removed. Those guys are embedded in the ground (remember when the Plumber said my pipe was full of roots?) So I think I would prefer to save up to have them professionally removed.

Anyway, because it was so warm and I want to make more of an effort to move, I was way too excited to rake the leaves in the back corner. The azaleas I planted last year were missing under the leaves. I also wanted to rake them up so I can use them for mulch in my future garden beds. 

I should’ve taken a before picture. But just to illustrate the amount of leaves I raked in that little corner, here is the pile next to your standard garbage can:

And here is the area from whence they came:

It was during the raking that I was struck by inspiration. In the deep, dark corner of this area, there is a hose connection. You can also see the odd placement that is the utility room, which houses a non-functional boiler and my questionable water heater, plus various pipes whose use I don’t know. Last year, I thought of maybe putting concrete pavers around this area to help with how moist it is.

Imagine my surprise when I started pulling two plus years of leaves away to reveal that someone already had my idea! Hidden under a layer of mud and crud were poorly placed brick pavers! 

The pavers are under the darkest spots in the photo

So now my mind is really spinning. I need measuring tape so I know how many to buy. I want to put a bed of shade loving plants around the tree. I can hang the hammock my mom gave me for Christmas from the tree to the fence! I can relax on the side of the house that’s farthest away from the weird kid next door!

Oh, but there’s mosquitoes here because it’s so moist. And if there are this many mosquitoes in FEBRUARY, what is summer going to be like?!? 

I know!

I wanted to put a rock border against the house and fence, around the azaleas, to cut down on weeds. I’ll buy some mosquito repelling plants from the farmers market! Citronella, lemon sage, smell good stuff that mosquitoes hate!

So now I’m pumped and committed to this idea. I am going to start my yard makeover on this side of the house, and build some garden beds for veggies, herbs, and cut flowers. Between that and the regular maintenance my yard requires, the project should take up the whole spring/summer. 

Here are some additional before photos of the backyard:

The area where I plan on putting the garden beds
The “patio”
My lilac bush… not sure what the plan is for this area yet
The remnants of last year’s herb garden

This all looks like a hot mess to me, but I’m really excited to make it pretty and build some muscles in the process. 

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