My overall state lately has been stress and questioning if I’ve made good choices in life. I get like this when I experience change. I also seem to go through 2-year cycles where I have a general idea of which direction I’m heading, and then all of a sudden I make a drastic shift. If you look at my history, from college to now I moved an average of every 2 years. I’ll be in my house for 2 years this May, so it makes sense to me that I’m veering into a new direction.

When the Plumber was here all day, I saw a cute apartment downtown that I fell in love with. Out of financial angst I calculated the mortgage and thought about how much money I’d save. I thought about how close I’d be to everything, and I can even get a bicycle to get around! These thoughts floated around for a while, and then I saw there would be an open house. Perfect! I decided I would go and at least see it and see how I felt. 

Although I felt like I was cheating on my house, I think going to the open house was a good decision. Because duh, as cute and charming as the place was, it didn’t feel like home. Also, another unit had sheets in their windows. I am not a very judgy person, but I judge the shit out of people with sheets for curtains. I don’t want that person to be my neighbor. I politely smiled and thanked the realtor and came home. Then I seriously touched my wall and apologized to my home for being so silly. You’re the one and I’ll never stray again. We can slow things down for a bit… I don’t have to do everything all at once!

So for the first time in a while, I won’t be moving after 2 years. The plan is to be here for at least 5 more. I’ve accepted it, embraced it, and put a seal on it. 

I have yet to complete the work I wanted to do in the half bath, as another minor Epiphany made me realize that if I paint the vanity grey then the half bath is decorated in my school colors. I’m not really into that idea so maybe a mint green or light coral would be nice. 

When my power went off on Sunday, I started cleaning the disaster that is the 3rd bedroom. All I can say about that is with all the money I spent on lularoe this year, I could’ve gone to Bali for a week. 2017 is the year of counting pennies though, because I do want to go to Bali, and other places. Years ago, the only thing I ever really wanted was a digital SLR camera, and after pinteresting photos of Yellowstone I decided that’s the dream again. I decided that I’m going to have it all: the home, the camera, and the vacations. It will most likely take a few years to make all that happen but I have a plan and I’ll share how I execute it with you. 

17 of the 22 pairs of leggings I own. #noragrets

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