Half Bath Redo, pt. 2

I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot today, considering its only 12 noon. I just finished the upper portion of my half bath redo, and I looooove it. Eventually, I’ll replace the faucet, paint the trim, replace the vinyl floor, and freshen up the paint in the closet. But for now, let us enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

My biggest accomplishment was changing out the vanity light. The one that was there would be great for like, a Seaside Park rental, but it wasn’t impressive to me. I watched a few YouTube videos to learn how to do it, and what took the guy 7 minutes to do took me probably 3 hours total. But I did it! And next time I do it, it will probably take me 1.5 hours and I’ll know to have a partner to help. 

The new fixture is from Home Depot and cost about 45 dollars. Besides learning how to replace the fixture, I learned that Home Depot is cheaper than Lowe’s when it comes to vanity lights. I also learned that daylight bulbs are intense and to stick with soft white. The middle bulb is still daylight, but the soft white tone it down.

Here are photos of the rest of the redo:

The original wall color was Scanda by Sherwin Williams. I painted both bathrooms that color, and left the full bath in that color. It’s a gorgeous color, but I wanted something more dramatic and noticed I was drawn to navy blue rooms on Pinterest. The new color is Starless Night by Behr.

I also redid the $11 mirror I found at Hobby Lobby a while back. I bought a can of copper spray paint a while back, and thought the copper would look good with the navy. I was correct. I did make an oops in the lower left corner of the mirror but whatever. I don’t believe in perfection. 

My inspiration photos had a lot of gallery walls, and I have a lot of pictures needing a home. They’re a mixture of photos I’ve taken, bought photos, postcards from places I’ve visited, student art, and Marilyn whom I found at Home Goods years back. The frames are from IKEA and the dollar store. The racks holding my necklaces (to the right) are from IKEA. I’ve been intending to use them for almost 2 years. They were probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever used from IKEA. All the necklaces were already mine.

Overall, this cost me about $80 for the paint, some supplies, and the lamp. However, I think it looks like a more expensive job because of the decorations. Part of my goal with minimizing my life is to use what I already own. Everything that’s on my wall has been floating around my house since I moved in. Now it’s out of the way, and I can work my way through the other junk. 

What do you think of my redo? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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