Half Bath Redo, pt. 1

Since it’s cold and my Mudroom lacks heat, I decided to start my room-by-room “renovations” in the half bath off my bedroom. Oh, but what happened to selling my house and getting an apartment? Someone sent me a perspective changing email and I remembered how much I love my home. It’s not perfect and never will be, but it’s mine.

Anyway, it snowed a lot this weekend so it seemed like a good time to start. The first thing I did was go through all the bins and shelves in the vanity and closet. Remember, one of my goals is to minimize, so I took inspiration from the list below and got rid of 2 garbage bags full of stuff. This is a lot, considering that the vanity and closet really aren’t that big… it’s just that I came across a lot of things I’d saved during the last purge that I never used. Boy bye.

After clearing all that clutter, I hit pinterest and collected all my favorite bathroom pins in a new board for inspiration. I knew I wanted to paint the room dark, get a new vanity lamp, spray paint the mirror border, paint the vanity gray, and paint the trim. I stumbled upon a dark color that I thought was The One, but that led me to the real One. 

I decided to paint the room in “Starless Night” by Behr. Every picture I saw made me think yup! That’s it. Plus, the name is awesome. I picked it up at home depot today in the Behr Marquee paint, because it’s so dark and that brand says it’s one coat and done. I also picked out a new lamp for above the vanity.

Here are some “before” photos of my half bath:

Before I started painting, I had the fun experience of taking the vanity lamp down. I watched a few YouTube videos before I started. I have zero electrical experience. True story: before today, I imagined there was just an outlet in a hole in the wall behind vanity lamps. Nope. 

It took me like an hour to get the wires disconnected and to get the damn thing down. I got to use my power drill though and I felt like a badass. I also felt cool because I figured out how to unattach the grounder on my own. I was listening to Beyonce and I thought that Beyonce probably doesn’t know how to do this, so my ego was really big. This is what it looked like after an hours struggle to get the damn lamp off. 

I need to go back out tomorrow to get the caps for the wires. My ignorance of electrical work prevented me from knowing they were even a thing. Besides, I knew all I was going to do today is paint, and tomorrow I’ll put the new fixture up. 

Here is how “Starless Night” looks. I’m not going to show you how it all turned out until it’s done done, but I’m happy with the result so far. 

Fun fact: those are my official painting shoes. The green splotches are from my bedroom at my mom’s house, which I painted mint green in 2009. 

Tomorrow I’ll put up the lamp and a few things on the walls. It’s too cold to go outside and spray paint the mirror, so I’ll have to go mirrorless until Thursday when  it’s in the 60s and all the snow melts away. You’re just going to have to deal with this cliffhanger to see the finished product!

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