The Plumber is Here…

And he’s been here for 1.5 hours so far. I’m going to have to take a half day from work  take the whole day off. I’m also probably going to need a second job to pay for whatever is happening out there.

Guilty party.

He explained the problem like this: our pipes are like a tree, with the trunk of the tree being the main line, and the pipes to the drains/toilets being the branches. After taking a trip to my crawl space, he determined that the issue is in the trunk of the tree. He was excited to find out I have some… thing that I can’t remember the name of in front of my house that allows him to use some machine to get the clog out. I had always wondered what that white thing was behind my bushes, and today I learned it’s a pipe to the trunk of the tree.

As excited as he was, he’s been out there for an hour running this machine, stopping and starting it. My hope and prayer is that this will fix all the problems I’ve had since I moved in, such as the slow shower drain and the stinky dishwasher. 

It’s not a good feeling when the Plumber comes in and says, “I have news but it’s not good.” He brought me outside and explained that the pipe running from my house to the street is full of roots. I was not at all surprised due to the fact that I’ve encountered these roots when trying to plant or dig up shrubs. He said that with the machine he was using, he could only get so far and get so much junk… so he needs to go back to the shop (30 minutes away) and get the machine he rarely needs. 

The clog is so bad that he needs to get the machine he uses so rarely that he doesn’t even have it on his truck. 

He showed me what he was able to pull up. It wasn’t the grossest thing I’ve ever seen come out of a drain. It was a pile of sludge, muck, and roots. I told him to do what he needs to do because clearly this is a problem that needs to be dealt with. My question is what happens when we get off my property and hit the street? Who do I call? 

It’s now 12 noon and he’s still here. He fixed the clog but is now working on my slow draining shower. Add today to the list of times I want to sell my home. I’ve already found an apartment I want to move into. He said the tree out front is what’s causing the pipe to be full of roots. I said that tree is half dead anyway and he said that taking it down would probably help. 

In conclusion, this did not cost me nearly as much as I thought it would. The guy was nice and cut me a break because I’m a school counselor, plus I had an Angie’s list coupon. He did say that because of the roots, this will happen again… be it 6 months, 2 years from now… someday. 

I knew what I was in for when I decided to buy a house. However, I’m honestly questioning if it’s worth it. I have 2 bedrooms I don’t use. I have a den I don’t use. I rarely go in the yard, except to mow it. I pretty much move from couch to kitchen to bed. Perhaps I really should look into the apartment I saw…

Trouble maker

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    1. I LOVE lush too! I use Dark Angel’s every night, which is why my sink always looks dirty. The other container is Mask of Magnaminty. This was my first time using the Revlon hair dye, I did burgundy and I like it! I wish I’d gone a little more purple though! I’m happy to see you’re still reading my blog ☺

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