Times I’ve Wanted to Sell My Home

Listen: homeownership is not easy. No one said it would be easy. Everyone said its challenging, and they are 100% correct. I have a flair for dramatics, so if something goes wrong I tend to jump from “I can figure this out!” straight to realtor.com.

Here is a list of times I’ve been like, I give up!

  • That time I had to pay hundreds of dollars to a plumber because my tub was dripping. He needed to use his blowtorch to do a minor repair that I COULD have done myself if my house wasn’t old.
  • Last weekend, when I spilled gasoline all over my brand new gas mower.
  • Last weekend, when my neighbor came over because she saw me struggling to get the mower started. It had given up because the grass was too wet. And because I spilled gasoline all over it the day before.
  • Whenever someone leaves a card on my stoop for like, landscaping or driveway paving. I feel like they’re judging me.
  • Whenever I see whatever it is that my neighbor’s kid throws in my yard. Especially the open box of straws, and his shoes.
  • Anytime I see an adorable craftsman-style bungalow. Then I realize its either cheap for a reason or too expensive and I move on.
  • When I want to go on a vacation.
  • The time I bought a lithium battery powered mower and it died after mowing 1/3 of my lawn.
  • The time the water started pouring out of the drain behind my washing machine.
  • The time I got home from NY and found a mysterious puddle in my mud room.

In the grand scheme of problems, these are pretty minor ones. I told you, I have a flair for the dramatic. Despite all these trips on realtor.com, I always come to the same conclusion: this is my home, and I LOVE it. It is mine, problems and all. I can be my dramatic self here, sit on my couch watching Steven Universe and it doesn’t judge me, and it always works out in the end, hundreds of dollars or not. I finally found a mower that does the job. I had the burnt outlet my dryer plugs into repaired yesterday. You can’t beat the location and the commute. True love is loving someone or something, flaws and all. That’s how I feel about my home.

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