Things I’ve Found in BR 3 (So Far)

I don’t think I’m even halfway through going through all the boxes, bags, and papers in my 3rd bedroom but I’ve already found some good stuff. That said, I’m already irritated about having to find places for some of this stuff. Here’s some highlights:

  • $200 check for putting in an energy efficient HVAC system. Guess who’s taking a break from work on Monday to deposit it!?!?!
  • iPad from work that’s been in a bag for about 3 years. I should probably return it.
  • 2 Drake CD’s. One of them has my jam on it! A good find.
  • A book I swore my friend was still borrowing. I’d actually been considering asking her to return it. Guess I don’t need to.
  • You know how I can never find pens or pencils? Those days are over because I’ve found tons.
  • A computer keyboard.
  • All the gloves I’ve been looking for.
  • Enough paint chippy cards to open my own design business.

I’ve also come across a lot of receipts from eating out. No wonder I’m broke.

Lastly, I found a note from a neighbor from when I lived in New Jersey. They left it on my car, and it said, “Please, I just need a little more room to get my car out of the driveway.” I lived in New Jersey almost 10 years ago. Why, why, why do I still have this note? #futurehoarder


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