The Most Adult Statement I’ve Ever Made

Coworker: “What are you going to do this weekend?”
Me: “Well, if the weather isn’t bad I want to go outside and try my new leaf blower and mulcher. I also want to go through all the paperwork in my third bedroom to get ready for tax season.”

This is the current state of my 3rd bedroom. Hopes and dreams make this my guest room. Since starting the 21 Day Fix, the 2nd bedroom is now going to be my workout/video game room. My plan for that room is to paint one of the walls with black chalkboard paint, and the rest of the walls an energizing coral.

That is a project for another time, though. I’ve been putting off doing anything to the guest room since the day I moved in. First, it started off as just papers and random things I didn’t know what to do with. Then, it became a small pile of clothes I didn’t want. Then, I started adding the clothes I didn’t fit into anymore. The pile is currently up to my waist. I keep throwing receipts and empty bags onto the pile.

My beautiful dresser, pictured in the lower left photo, deserves a better home. If only I could fit that into my bedroom.

Why do I keep all this paperwork? I don’t have an answer to that. All I know is in that pile are bills from 2011, all of my mortgage paperwork, documentation for my job, super important things and very unimportant things. The key is that I have things I need for my taxes in there. I have a 3 day weekend to sort through it all. The goal is to fit it all into this:


Everything else goes through the shredder at work. I find shredding very therapeutic.

As for the clothes… well, I lost 4 pounds last week, and I sucked at dieting this week so I think I lost and gained 0. I’m going to make a pile of things to toss/donate to my students, and things that I hope to someday fit into again.

In honor of further procrastination, before I even start I’m treating myself to a field trip to the Habitat ReStore, Goodwill, and Hobby Lobby to look at china cabinets and stencils. My to-do list for this 3 day weekend is also massive. Cooking, laundry, cleaning…… adulting. I am not proud to say I slept for over 12 hours last night, though, so I think I can stay up extra late this weekend and do all the things. And whatever I don’t do this 3 day weekend I can do next weekend… which is also 3 days.

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