I have an upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater/Potluck Partay that I am very much excited for. I am not a party hoster by nature, so this is taking me way out of my comfort zone and inviting over 10 people into my home. It’s no surprise here that I’m an introvert, but being an introvert I’m picky about who I welcome into my life and these are people that I have welcomed whole-heartedly.

I have 4 or maybe 5 very tall pine trees in my backyard. I decided to be creative and make a centerpiece out of the fallen pine cones by spray painting them a glittery gold. I had fun picking out the best looking pinecones, and even chose one that had a little snake or maybe salamander sleeping in it. Aww.


I had visions of a sparkly centerpiece on my table, surrounded by the delicious treats created by myself and my friends. I am planning on making my Thanksgiving family favorite: bacon wrapped water chestnuts. I’m using both turkey and regular bacon because I have friends that don’t eat pork and I don’t want to deny them the pleasure that is bacon wrapped water chestnuts. I’m also making the most addictive dip I’ve ever had/made: feta artichoke dip. I got the recipe from the bottom of an Athenos feta cheese cover.

Here I am, ready to get my creativity on.

I laid out all the pinecones, as shown in the photo above, got my face mask ready (a lesson learned from the Halloween purple hairspray debacle), and my sunglasses so none of the glitter would get into my eye, and I was ready. I used Krylon gold glitter spray paint, for those that are interested. I ran out of paint after doing one side of the cones, so I had to get a second can. I was quite pleased with how they came out. Since it was late in the day, I decided to keep the pinecones out overnight to dry. “I’ll bring them inside after work tomorrow,” I said to myself. I went about my day, making a kind of gross but also kind of delicious casserole, doing laundry, and binging on Law & Order: SVU.

Pitter patter. Drip drop. Pitter patter. 

“Is that rain?” I asked myself, wrapped up like a burrito on my couch. “It’s not supposed to rain tonight.”

“That does sound like rain,” I decided an hour or two later. “Ugggggh I left the pinecones outside, I should bring them in… but they’re already wet and I’m not going outside in the rain.”

Needless to say, it rained for about 3 days straight. I learned that when pinecones get wet, they close up. The gold glitter spray paint stayed on pretty good, but my pinecones are no longer big and full. They look like gold spray painted turds. #NailedIt

Here’s what they looked like before the rain:


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