Deep Thoughts

Today, being my first full day home from Thanksgiving travels, was a busy day. I am not ashamed at how excited I was to meander through Walmart and look at all the things. I was surprised at how crowded Home Depot and Lowe’s were, though, and equally surprised at how barren the farmer’s market was.

In all this busy-ness, I had some deep thoughts I’d like to share.

  • While potting my new Amarylliseseses (Amarylli?): “If Akinyele released ‘Put it in Your Mouth’ today, I bet it would get mad radio play.”
  • Looking up possible bedroom paint colors on Pinterest: “How many shades of gray can there be, and why does everyone seem to choose the same shades? Why don’t any of the paint colors I picked out have pictures? Do I have bad taste? I want my room to look grown up but I don’t want the same color as everyone else. Are people picking these colors because they’re popular on Pinterest? Am I part of the sheeple because I’m searching all the colors???”
  • Driving to the farmer’s market: “I feel like it came down to MAKONNEN vs. Fetty Wap, and somehow Fetty won. They both rap/sing off key, but maybe Fetty got on more people’s records or had a bigger squad and better catch phrase. I wish MAKONNEN had tried a little harder because I can’t stand Fetty but the club goin up is my jam.”
  • Eating lunch: “I wonder how many people have gotten pregnant listening to Chris Brown.”
  • Putting sheets on my bed: “What does it say about me that I can enjoy a day spray painting pine cones while pondering the current state of hip-hop?”
  • In Walmart: “Can I still be on Apartment Therapy if I buy all my things at Walmart?”
  • Bringing my recycling to the curb: “Do I just throw pumpkins away or do I let them disintegrate in a deep, dark corner of my yard and if I do will new pumpkins grow next year?”

Welcome to my brain.

Pictures of all the fun projects to come!

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