My First Regret

Ah, yes. I am dealing with my first bout of decorator’s remorse.

It wasn’t long ago when I posted about my bedroom and shared how much I liked the color. Now, Maury need not investigate me because I was telling the truth: I really do like the color, Restful, and I was happy with how my bedroom was coming along. However, my feelings have changed since two things have happened. One, is building the Tarva dresser from IKEA, which is a 5-drawer tall, unfinished blank canvas of possibility. Second, I want a new duvet cover. The problem? Purple is my favorite color.

When I look at the Tarva, I want to paint it a bright, jewel-toned purple and replace the handles with a variety of clear or sparkly ones from Hobby Lobby. A jewel-toned purple is going to look terrible with the beachy-green walls. I even went to Lowe’s and picked out purples in the same family as Restful, but I don’t like how any of them look alone or with the green.

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day on Amazon, Pinterest, Urban Outfitters, etc. looking at duvet covers. The ones I was most attracted to were in the purple family and wouldn’t look good with the green walls. It was looking at the duvet covers that I finally admitted to myself that I wish I hadn’t painted my bedroom so soon. If I had to do it again, I would paint it a lighter grey.

I LOVE the Fawn Brindle in my living room and hallway. I love knowing that when I can finally afford buy an area rug, I can get any damn color and pattern I’d like. I see on a lot of websites that people are over grey, but I’m an Aquarius and don’t care about things like that. I like what I like. If I repainted my bedroom a lighter grey than the Fawn Brindle, then I would have the freedom to paint my Tarva purple and get any duvet color that speaks to me.

So, I think my decision is made. At some point in time, I’m going to have to take down everything I’ve put up in my bedroom and repaint it. Let me be clear: I know its just paint. I know some people have to paint over and over again until they find The One. I’m going to live with it a while longer, since putting in a new HVAC system has put some limits on my funds (but it was 100% worth it). Perhaps over my winter break, or even so far out as spring break, I’ll make the change.

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