Mudroom Update

Today is the first gloomy, rainy day of fall. It’s also the first rainy day that I remember in months, which is kind of concerning. I’m happy for my plants because they already look greener and healthier from all this moisture.

I took advantage of the weather and finally built the shelves I purchased at IKEA over Labor Day weekend. These are the shelves I bought:

Not a bad deal at $14.99 each. I bought two, because, why not?

Organized Chaos
Another angle of the before

Building the HYLLIS was pretty easy. It was simply four shelves and four rods that you screw into holes. All I needed was patience and a philips head. Building the second one was easier than the first; for some reason I couldn’t get the holes to line up on the first one so it’s missing 4 screws. It still felt sturdy so I put the extra screws away for something else.

Here’s the finished look:

Wow! What a diff!
A mud room to envy

I’m very satisfied with my purchase and the end result. There’s a place for everything, and room to expand. Eventually, I want to replace the laminate floor of my mudroom. You can’t see it in the photos, but it’s peeling up along the edges. That’s a someday project though.

While I was standing back and staring, I also thought the HYLLIS shelves would make really good shelves for houseplants. The reason I felt this way is that there is a lot of space between the shelves, so the plants would have room to grow. I think these shelves would also look nice if they were spray painted. They’re very versatile, especially for $14.99.

Tomorrow, or later if I catch the spirit, I’m going to start working on my TARVA dresser. I’m especially pumped for building this so I can take my t-shirts out of my closet and put them in a proper place. I want to have a drawer for all my school shirts (big dreams over here). Also, the TARVA is super-customizable. Once I post this, it’s off to Pinterest and Apartment Therapy to get some ideas.

I don’t understand the beef some people have with IKEA. Looking around my house, a lot of things come from IKEA and I think I have nice things. I mean, why should I spent twice as much or more on some shelves or picture frames when I can get them from IKEA? Now, that being said, I also have some investment pieces that I know I will have until I sell my house to retire. I splurged on them because I saw long-term savings. Sometimes, buying cheap items adds up over the years because they end up breaking. However, a lot of the things from IKEA do the trick. I would never turn my nose up at anything from IKEA.

What are your thoughts on IKEA?

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