As I Lay Resting

The master bedroom in my home is no larger than the other 2 bedrooms. When I first visited my home, the only way I knew it was the master was because this room had the nicer walk-in closet and the half bath. I know that it’s en vogue to have a large master bedroom. Hell, I think I’ve seen some masters on HGTV that were bigger than my first apartment. But I don’t need all that space. When my realtor said, “It’s kind of small” I shrugged because my philosophy of bedrooms is this: they’re for sleeping and dressing. I don’t hang out in my room (except to take naps or read in bed). I don’t watch TV in my room. Why do I need a giant bedroom if all I’m doing is sleeping and then getting dressed in the morning?

Despite it’s small size, I have so far created a very peaceful space. I want to share the evolution of this space with you all.

My bedroom from the door
The view from the bathroom door

As you can see, I had originally intended to paint my bedroom purple. Purple is my favorite color, and I had a purple bedroom as a teenager that I wanted to relive. I swore up and down I was going to paint it a “grown up purple.”

My room as it currently stands

Well, so much for painting it purple! I decided on “Restful” by Sherwin Williams for HGTV Home (bought at Lowe’s). I chose this color for 2 reasons: one being that it just makes sense to paint a bedroom in a color called Restful; the other reason being that it complimented the colors in a piece of artwork I bought at IKEA.

IMG_7755 I moved my dresser from the wall across from my bed to serve as a nightstand. It seemed so obvious after I did it, that I still don’t know why I didn’t do this as soon as I moved in. I bought another tall dresser from IKEA that I’m going to put in the spot where this one once existed, and paint them. I have enough Fawn Brindle paint left over that I may paint them both that color, and then hit up Hobby Lobby for new drawer pulls.

Close-up of some artwork

I want to be surrounded by images I love, so here’s a close up of the pictures I have hanging around the blue dresser. I took the photograph of the Virgin Mary statue in New Mexico. The postcard of the black cats looking at the Eiffel Tower is from Paris. I love Paris and black cats. I painted the “So It Goes” picture myself. I’m a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan. If you look at the first “after” photo with the curtains, you can see a poster I got at the Musee d’Orsay in the black frame. It has little Impressionist paintings all over it. I love me some Impressionist paintings.

Not shown is a little gray faux sheepskin rug I got at IKEA. It makes waking up in the morning glorious. Today I treated myself to a trip to Home Goods and Marshall’s. I mentally spent probably close to $700 at Home Goods (there was a $399.99 rug I needed, okay???) but I did spend money on a really cute jewelry bowl with a unicorn head for the rings. I’m still on the search for my turquoise necklace from New Mexico that I lost, and somehow buying this bowl was satisfying that inner crisis.

Other than putting up the curtains in my room, I haven’t done much inside my house since I painted. I did decide that I love having the curtains in my bedroom so much that I want to put curtains up in my front windows, eventually. My focus has mainly been on the yard, and it will continue to be the focus until the weather takes a turn for the worst. I’m almost done clearing the weeds completely. I could have finished clearing them today, but I decided to go for a sweatpants Sunday and rest instead.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how glad I am that I listened to my gut when looking for a home. Everyone said to get a townhouse, it’s less maintenance, and so on. I knew I wanted a home with a yard though, and I stuck to my vision and I’m so happy. Yes, it’s a lot of work to do on my own, but it’s so satisfying. This is what I wanted from a home, and I think if I bought a townhouse I would be missing the opportunity to create the garden of my dreams.

But this was a post about my bedroom, so I’ll save my garden ideas for another day.

NYC, my <3, and the reason I chose Restful

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