Yardwork is My Cardio

Closeup of my newest favorite tool

About two weeks ago, I invested in two tools that I’ve already decided are invaluable. I purchased a machete, and a battery powered weed whacker. I spent a lot of time during the earliest part of my summer on my hands and knees manually pulling weeds. However, the amount of weeds in my front and back yards was too much for me. I realized that if I didn’t spend money on something mechanical, it would take me months, perhaps years for me to get everything out. My goal is to clear out all the brush from the yards so that I can plant things for next spring and summer. In the front, I want to plant a rose bush that I bought at Lowe’s that smells like heaven. I also want to plant all the bulbs that I purchased recently in the front so that I have the loveliest spring yard on the street. In the back, I want to plant a row of butterfly bushes and lilacs. I also want to put a hammock out there eventually, and put in some concrete blocks for patio space.

I do a little bit each weekend. The battery on the whacker only lasts so long before I have to charge it again. It allows me to pace myself. This project has also proven to be an amazing method of releasing my stress while building upper body strength. Nothing but yoga can center me like using the machete to cut branches off of weed trees.


As you can tell, there is still a lot to do. My shed is slowly being swallowed into a jungle of pokeberries, tall cotton-looking weeds, crab grass, and jasmine (which I’m going to try not to kill. I’m pro-jasmine, and if that wanted to take over the yard I’d be okay with it). I have some trees I need to cut down, and then dig up from the roots. Then, there’s the other corner of the yard which might have looked nice once but now is just a disaster. I’m not sure what to do back there once I tear everything up.

Lesson I’ve Learned: All of this greenery sprouted when I went home for vacation. Next time I go home for vacation for a few weeks, I probably have to spray for weeds to die OR whack them as soon as I return so they don’t get out of hand. Also, as much as I like to do things by hand sometimes it’s okay to invest in mechanical things because they get the job done quicker. 🙂

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