I realize that I’ve been MIA for a few weeks.

My summer vacation ended and I went back to work 3 weeks ago. That’s given me less time to do things around the house. The first few weeks back to work for educators are exhausting. I call it “school tired,” where I come home from work and basically pass out.

I do have some good news. One piece is that I’ve had no signs of any mice since I had an exterminator come in. In addition to the exterminator, I put new screens in the vents on my crawl space. That was very rewarding, and I appreciated my consultation with my friends. 🙂

Another piece of good news is I finally got my tub unclogged. I must have poured the right kind of Liquid Plumber down there because nothing makes me happier anymore than a swirling drain.

I finally invested in a weed whacker and also purchased a machete in order to clear the forest of weeds and growth that is my backyard. The machete is fantastic at cutting through branches and relieving pent up stress. The weed whacker is satisfying in that it’s allowing me to do hours of work in mere minutes. I feel like a boss with these new machines.

Tomorrow I’m going to take my legit journey to IKEA where I can buy things. The last time I went, I was 500 miles away and was “just looking.” I was on the website a little while ago, and I saw a cutting board that I got way too excited over. I can’t wait to take the road trip and then spend the last 2 days of my Labor Day weekend building all the things.

I’ve also started mentally planning for planting bulbs for the spring. I already bought some purple tulip and alium bulbs. A co-worker gave me a gift card to Lowe’s so I’m going to buy those red and yellow tulips and maybe some irises. I’m also going to retire my Portulaca for the summer and plant pansies in my window boxes. Oh, and I finally bought a passion vine so I need a big pot from IKEA tomorrow and some sandy soil!

I’ll try not to take such a long hiatus next time. I did enjoy simply living in my home, instead of always making a project out of it. But, I have the itch to do things again. Tomorrow is a new day for new projects. Until next time!


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