Of Mice and Men

Owning a home is not always pretty. I shared some ugliness in my last post (update: tub is still slow to drain, but it’s faster than it was so I’ll take it). I could write a whole post about my theory of why my drain is slow and why my dishwasher smells no matter how much Borax I put in it.

But today, I have a different kind of ugliness to share.

I woke up the other morning, and went into the kitchen. I noticed little black pellets near my olive oil. I was like, “Huh, what are those?” Upon closer inspection, I realized what they were. “Oh no, oh no, it can’t be.” I Lysol-ed my entire counter.

The next morning, I woke up and looked in my sink. The little black pellets were in the bowl of popcorn crumbs I had put in my sink the night before. “Oh hell no, this is not happening!” I exclaimed. I cleaned my entire sink, put Ajax in it, and disinfected everything again.

I found them again this morning. Then, when I moved my garbage can out to take out the trash, I found a whole bunch of little black pellets behind the garbage can. “What the ****!?!?!” I cried, and then I noticed a freakin’ rock and leaf in my radiator. I left to go to work and decided to stop at Lowe’s on the way home to purchase… a mouse trap.

It’s summer. Mice don’t usually come in during the summer. I’m not new to mice. I remember hearing mice move around in the walls and in the attic of the house where I grew up. We had mouse traps in all the important places. I remember the morning I left for college my cats torturing a little mouse. This was in a different house. But one thing I know is that mice usually come in during the winter, not the summer.

I didn’t have mice in my apartment because my apartment was brand new and they probably hadn’t worked their way in it yet. So this has caught me by surprise, and, quite honestly, really grossed me out. I’m not a sloppy person. Yeah, sometimes I let the dishes pile up in the sink, and I drop crumbs on the floor, and sometimes my garbage smells. I didn’t think this would cause mice to get in. While I was vacuuming and disinfecting this afternoon, I was thinking about it: If I’m this neat, what is the situation like in houses where people are sloppier?

Here’s my theory: the mice have gone through the old ventilation screens in my crawlspace and found their way into my radiators and into my house. So my solution, besides mouse traps, is to replace my ventilation screens so mice and other creatures cannot get in. I’ve also called an exterminator, since they’re the experts.

This is so stupid, but this has worked up my anxiety. I have a stomachache. I feel nervous. I seriously had to sit there and take a deep breath before and tell myself to calm down, it’s not the end of the world that I have some mice. When I talked to a co-worker about this today, he told me how he had a mouse problem too. He also told me that I need to put traps out so I can send a message to the mouse community.

This is who I really need:

Mousebusters – don’t they look ready for action?

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