Small Project Series – Episode 2

I got suckered into a trend.

Everywhere I look, I see bookshelves arranged by color. At first I was staunchly against it. It bothered me that all my Harry Potters and Kurt Vonneguts wouldn’t be organized together. How would I ever find the book I needed if I couldn’t remember the color? Libraries don’t organize by color, and I always loved library vibes.

Trying it out was tempting me. I have this built-in bookshelf in what will someday be my art room but is currently my dumping grounds for mail and paperwork. I had “organized” my CDs, and put my books on a shelf behind doors. I decided I didn’t want to hide my books behind doors… I want them to be open to the world!

Yes, that’s an autograph from Russell Simmons.

I’d also gone through the trouble of transporting a number of books over 500 miles. The answer to this conundrum was obvious. I put all my books in a pile and organized them by the color of the spine. While I did this, I put some books aside that I planned on selling to the local used book store. I had visions of making at least $40 and using that money to buy paint.

I made $9.95. They didn’t even buy all the books. The rejects are still in a box in my car. I have a lot of feelings about this.

Anyway, I also organized the CDs by the color of the spine. Most CDs have a black spine, I learned, so this was easy.

The hardest decision was deciding where to start on the ROYGBIV. I decided to start with black, go through the rainbow, and end up with gray.

Here is the finished product:

No room for Russell though

I’m pretty satisfied with how it looks. It still bothers me that my Harry Potters and Vonneguts are spread out, and I had to get a ladder in order to reach my Best of Billy Joel (which has a black spine), but I have no other complaints. I like how it blends my books and CDs in a visually appealing method. Amazingly, when needing to find Catch-22 I remembered it had a blue spine and it was surprisingly easy to find it. I’m going to live with this system for a while. If I decide one day that I hate it and I can’t live with it, they’re just books and CDs and it won’t be hard work to change it.

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