Small Project Series: Episode 1

I went back to work today and while there, I moved around a bunch of heavy boxes. It wasn’t that many boxes, and they weren’t that heavy, but oh Lord, my back. All the bending and climbing and bending and lifting has caught up to my poor back. I’m too young to start having back problems, so I’m done doing big projects for now. I’d like to share some of my little projects while I recuperate.

When I moved in, the mirror in the half bath was an absolutely functional white mirror with a shelf. The only problem was that the shelf came up so high, and I’m so vertically challenged, that all I could see in the mirror was my eyebrows up. I invested in a step stool from IKEA so I could see my whole face, but I’m a wanderer when it comes to brushing my teeth so this didn’t really work out. I decided I wanted a new mirror.

On my trip to Hobby Lobby last week, I looked around at mirrors and there were some very nice ones. Two mirrors caught my eye, both being shaped in that popular Moroccan fashion. At 50% off, I thought they were a decent price at around $30-$40 dollars. My purpose at Hobby Lobby was frames, though, so I was like, I’ll wait on a mirror.

A miracle occurred. In the clearance section, I stumbled across a hideous brown mirror with a nice shape to it. And it was marked down from $79.99 to $13.90. $13.90!!!! My Charlie Brown Syndrome kicked in and I thought, “It isn’t such a bad mirror after all. I can just spray paint it any color I’d like.” Long story short, the mirror is the only thing I purchased that day.

The mirror in its unaltered state. It blends in with my nasty driveway!

I decided to go for a bright, minty green. I bought this Krylon spray paint from Walmart. I believe the color is called “Sea Glass.”

Ready to do the business.

I ran out of painter’s tape, and I was too lazy to try to unscrew the mirror off the back, so I just shoved a bunch of coupon papers under the edges and hoped for the best.

After the first coat

The can said it should take only 10 minutes to dry, but it ended up taking longer. I think because it was so darn humid yesterday. I ended up bringing the mirror inside and let it hang out on the mudroom floor. It was a smart move, because I slept through a pretty big thunderstorm last night.

I did the second coat today after work.

This could pass for a Tiffany blue, no?

It being much less humid today, the second coat dried up in no time. Time to hang it!

Ta-da! ❤ ❤ ❤

So the lighting in here sucks. The photo above is a much truer representation of the color. This also makes my bathroom walls look purple and they are blue.

Special shout out to the Icy Hot. I could have cropped the picture but I wanted to keep it real with you. While I was measuring where to put the nails and lifting the mirror, the back pain had me screaming. Good thing its a Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for watching The Bachelorette. I’ve already rubbed the Icy Hot all over my lower back. On the bright side, I can see into the mirror in my half bath again, so no more walking all the way to the other bathroom to put my make up on.

Oh, the little things.

So what do you think of the mirror transformation? Let me remind you that for a mere $16, which is me factoring in the cost of spray paint, this mirror was once priced at $79.99, and I made it look ten thousand times better. Keep an eye on those clearance sections my friends!

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