Color Me Happy

Not too long ago, I posted that I couldn’t decide what paint colors to go with. It was either the next morning, or the morning after that, that I woke up and I just knew. It was magical. I went to Lowe’s  (of course – like, I’m to the point where everyone that works there is like, “Oh yeah, I remember you…”) and took advantage of their Fourth of July paint sale. I can’t wait to get my rebate card in the mail.


The first room I painted was the kitchen. I have always wanted a green kitchen, so a green kitchen I will have. I went with Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm.

Hearts of Palm by Sherwin Williams

I doubt I would have been drawn to this color in the store, but I chose the color off the Coastal Cool palette by Sherwin Williams/HGTV Home. This is where I got all my colors. The greens I had chosen on my own were very bright, and probably very little-kidish. This felt like a grown up green, which is the look I was going for. I also thought it would look nice with my turquoise and with black chalkboard paint on the backsplash.

Before: Got my tape up and the ladder ready

3 Hours later…


Does Hearts of Palm photograph well? Absolutely not. But I love how it looks in the different light throughout the day. It’s like a grown up lime green.


For the bathrooms, I envisioned dark blues to balance the white tiles. Off the palette, I went with Scanda.

Scanda by Sherwin Williams

“Oooooh.” That was my reaction when I took the lid off. It dries much darker than it appears in this picture. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken many pictures of my bathrooms yet, but here is a glimpse of how it came out:

Scanda by Sherwin Williams


The grand finale! I’ve spent the last 3 days painting the biggest part of my home. I was very torn about what color to use here. I originally thought I would go with Sea Salt, but then I decided it would clash with all the purples I have in my art. Then, I was torn between Accessible Beige and Fawn Brindle. I bought samples of both, and Fawn Brindle was the clear winner. I was nervous, because on the color card it looks so brown. I decided to just go for it though, because paint is not forever.


View from the kitchen into the dining room
The hallway BEFORE
The hallway AFTER ❤ ❤ ❤
The dining room

I just want to take a moment to talk about how I always come back to these cheap bird curtains from IKEA. I bought these when I first moved down here 3 years ago because I thought “they’ll do until I find nicer curtains.” Every time I find nicer curtains, eventually, I get over them and put the birds back up. As soon as I put the Fawn Brindle up and saw how it dried into a gorgeous grey, I was like, “This would look sick with the bird curtains.” There’s a hole in them from when they got stuck in the vacuum. Honey Badger don’t care.

Look how happy Mr. Pothos is 🙂
I have big plans for the front door

Ahhhhhhh. Now my home is starting to feel like a home. I’m taking a painting hiatus before I paint my bedroom, which I’m SO excited about because I think I’ll love the color. I’m also waiting for the weather to cool down (lmao) before I paint my porch ceiling. But I have the paint and the tools so I’m ready when Mother Nature is.

Time to decorate!!!!

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