The Indecisive Designer

Whew, what a week it has been since I last posted! The weather was gorgeous so I spent a few days outside. I cleared an area under a tree and started to plant some creeping thyme and another type of ground cover. It looks amazing in my head in about two years. Unfortunately, it’s been raining since I looked at the last 5 plants and said, “I’ll plant you tomorrow.”

As a result, my focus has shifted to the inside. My focus was going to shift here after I planted those 5 plants anyway because I told myself, no more planting, only pulling. Inside, I still had have a lot to do. I am proud to say I finally hung up my tapestry in the art room. I organized the built-in bookshelves by color as well. I cleared out most of bedroom #3 which was basically a holding spot for empty boxes and decorative items. I also cleaned most of the junk out of my mudroom and put in a recycling bin, which was on my to-do list for some time.

The conundrum I now face, and which I’ve been facing since basically day 1, is what the heck colors I want to paint my house. I have no idea! I keep jumping around. At first, I envisioned an eclectic land of blues and purples, with a green kitchen. I thought I had settled on a color (Lovebirds by Valspar) for the living room, but before I went away for a week I decided I might want to go in a different direction.

I picked up a bunch of those HGTV by Sherwin Williams palettes from Lowe’s and decided maybe I should just pick a palette and go with it. The colors are already designed to work together, so how hard could this be? I narrowed it down to two palettes:

Option A

This palette met some of my needs, like, a green kitchen and a purple bedroom. I could even have gone with a coral-peachish bathroom like I had thought I wanted at some point. The more I looked at it, though, the colors underwhelmed me. ***Disclaimer: The lighting in this picture is clearly horrible so please don’t judge the palette based on this photo.

Option B: Coastal Cools

I decided to go with this palette because it has the ever-popular Sea Salt and I like Hearts of Palm for the kitchen and Scanda for the bathrooms. But then I decided that Sea Salt was too green and pale to go with my art work. So I got on Pinterest, and searched Fawn Brindle and Accessible Beige. They looked nice in all the Pinterest pictures, so I was intrigued. I went to Lowe’s the next day to get samples. I’m very glad I did. They’re both very nice colors, but I just don’t know. Accessible Beige is too pale to me, and isn’t that far off the off-white that my walls are already painted. Fawn Brindle is too dark, and can seem either brown or gray, depending on the light. I even held a competition with my artwork by holding each piece up to the colors to see which they worked with the best. Fawn Brindle won by a landslide. It might look better on a whole wall, and the yellow tone of my current wall color might be giving it this muddy look. The sample size is enough paint that I can probably paint the whole wall with it before I decide.

I wanted to put these colors up on the wall and be like, “YAS THAT IS IT GET ME TO LOWE’S NOW!” But I’m disappointed that I’m more like, “Hmmmmm… I dunnooooooo… maybe a different color????”

So prior to writing this I went on, which is one of my favorite websites, and just browsed photos for inspiration. I’m going to go back and see if I can find any themes or common threads that might help in my search for the perfect wall color. I’m going to go back to the Sherwin Williams website and explore the HGTV palettes more. I’m going to review my Pinterest boards to also look for common threads.

I really want to paint so I can hang up my artwork. I’ve collected so many items over the years that I’m really excited about, but I don’t want to hang them until I’ve painted. My indecisiveness is holding me back and it’s bumming me out. I don’t need my house to look like Pinterest or Houzz, but I want it to feel like me. Beiges and off-whites have never been me, even though I’m drawn to how they look. I also don’t want my house to look like a Crayola factory disaster. I think a nap will help me think and search my soul. This crummy weather is calling for it.

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