Welcome, Dining Room Table

As planned, I transported the dining room table purchased for my first apartment over 500 miles from my mom’s house to my dining room. Putting up this table has changed the feel of my home immensely. Even though this house feels like home to me, I think it looks like home now, too. Witness the transformation for yourself:


This is how my dining room looked this morning. Most of the things lying around have been lying around since I moved in a month ago. 2 pillowcases of dirty sheets, tools, Lowe’s bags, paint samples… my droopy peace lily from school (:()


It looks like a house! I’m sitting here right now as I type this up! I’d also like to point out the round, black metal table in the lower-right hand corner of the AFTER photo, which I also transported from my mom’s house. It’s going to stay where it is until I get some chairs for the screened in porch. Apparently the peace lily was happier in the front office of my job than in my living room. But, I think it looks nice on this table.

I also invested in a $6 bouquet from the farmer’s market this morning to freshen up the look of the table. Until I get a rug to pull the room together, the flowers seem to be doing the trick.



I believe in having fresh flowers in a home. They add a sense of joy and often smell very pleasant. This bouquet if far more beautiful than anything I’d find at the supermarket too, so check out the farmer’s market if you can.

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