A Trip to a Magical Land

Hej! We’re about to steal hours from your life!

Today, I went to IKEA. I’ve been looking forward to the requisite IKEA trip before I even saw my house for the first time. I’ve been plotting this trip with my friend for months. We originally planned to go during spring break, but having my wisdom teeth removed put the kabosh on those plans. Things kept happening each weekend, so now the plan is to go in July. However, before my friend and I go, I wanted to take a sneak preview trip to get some ideas. So, since I’m visiting my family up north, my wonderful mother agreed to take a preview trip to IKEA today. I probably couldn’t sleep last night because of the excitement.

The plan I had in my head was to simply walk around the showroom getting ideas, eat lunch, then browse the marketplace and NOT BUY ANYTHING until my real trip to IKEA in July. I even grabbed the list, mini-pencil, and measuring tape as soon as I entered the glory of this magical place in order to jot down notes and measurements. I took no notes. I measured nothing. I took pictures of plenty. I bought things. I did not buy furniture, since I need room in my car to transport the IKEA dining room table set I bought for my first apartment years ago. Here are some of the things I liked:

Hi Mom’s hand!

The first thing I went bananas over was this coffee table. The rounded edges can be raised and lowered depending on need. How functional! I could have used this coffee table when I had friends over recently. I could use it as a square when it’s just me, but look at all the space for guests! I need this coffee table in my life. My old LACK coffee tables will probably end up on the screened in porch (before the inevitable end up on the curb, someday).

Be still my heart.
Oh Hi dream kitchen.

The second thing I went bananas over was this kitchen. Oh. My. Gosh. I need a grey kitchen with white subway tile that looks exactly like this. I told my mom I would take pictures of this for “inspiration” “just in case I ever need a new kitchen.” Where is the money coming from? Who knows! A girl can dream. Or, a girl can paint her white cabinets grey and put in a subway tile backsplash to get a similar look.

$850+ for the whole look

I really liked this outdoor furniture set. What you do is, you purchase each seat individually (and the cushions individually) and put them together into a sectional, however you’d like. I saw a similar look on Pinterest made out of wood pallets which might actually be less expensive, but I love the idea behind this. I want my screened in porch to be the ultimate Netflix/board game/napping spot.

Required: Poang

This Poang ROCKER was very comfortable. It’s a contender for either the screened in porch or a spot in the living room. I think Poangs are comfortable in general, but adding the rocker aspect to it made it even better.

$249 = good price for a day bed

My mom approved of the comfort of this sofa bed. I would put this in the guest room. I believe that with more use, it would be even more comfortable. Even so, it’s still “more comfortable than an air mattress.”


These chaises represent what clouds in heaven feel like. I don’t think I have room for one, but perhaps room can be made. I sank into the comfort and didn’t want to get up. These are on the pricey side, though, so the chaise would be a “treat yo self” kind of purchase.

Swedish meatballs and elderflower juice, but of course!

We weren’t done with the showroom yet when nature called and we were hungry. Thank goodness IKEA has shortcuts. Regrettably, my mom didn’t get the lingonberry sauce on her meatballs because the server was confusing, but gladly I did and it was glorious. I was stuffed with meatballs for the rest of the day. We also bought 3 chocolate bars, which weighed about 2 pounds when lifted together.

Yes, please.

I became enamored by these adorable bars and hooks for all your things. They had them in every kitchen and in every kitchen I was like, “THIS IS AMAZING I WANT THIS!” But once I got to this area, where you can actually pick up all the pieces, my brain shut down. I looked at all the options and I looked at my mom and I said, “You know, now that I’m over here, I don’t know what I would actually use these for.” My final decision is to wait until IKEA Trip 2.0 while I mull it over in the meantime.

Island of Dreams

One of the pieces I knew for sure I wanted was this kitchen island. I loved it in person so I will definitely be buying this on IKEA Trip 2.0. They have some really nice, bigger, islands but I think they would swallow my kitchen.

Option A
Option B

I definitely want a dresser for my bedroom. There was no room for my big, beautiful dresser so I had to put that in what will be the guest room. I’d like to put a tall dresser across from the foot of my bed. I’m torn between the two options above. I think Option A might be too dark, since my sleigh bed is dark, too. I like the idea that Option B is unfinished, so I can paint it a crazy color if I wanted and then go to Hobby Lobby and buy nicer handles. So, I’m leaning towards Option B but what are your thoughts?

Option A
Option B

I’m having the same conundrum with my nightstand. At first I loved Option A, which is in the same family as dresser Option A. When I saw Option B, though, I was like, “This is it!” I like that the green metal would be a good contrast to the dark wooden sleigh bed. I also like that it’s on wheels and has a door for things. What are your thoughts?

Love love.

IKEA has, in my opinion, a great selection of rugs. See these two oriental looking rugs? Both are less than $75! I’m not sure what type of rug I want in my living/dining room, but I liked these options. I’ve seen pictures of oriental rugs on Pinterst and Houzz and I’ve liked how they looked, but I’m going to look again more once I publish this post. There are millions of rug options online so this will be a hard decision.

Last, but not least, of course I found a new plant friend…


If I didn’t have a 10 hour trip ahead of me, I would have bought a Monstera and a really cute giant pot for it to live in. I’m hoping to get one of these on my next trip because I’m obsessed with this plant. The leaves look like moose antlers. I love moose.

I did make some purchases today, which I will share in another post. I would say that today’s trip was a huge success. I’m one of the few people that actually looks forward to going to IKEA. I told my mom I had so much fun today and she said I must be easy to please. She bought a few things too. The trip has given me a lot of things to think about and to consider for my house. I think the rule that most people have told me, which is to live there for a few months before I do anything major, is very good advice.

Since I’ve been at my original home for a few days, I’m really anxious to get back so I can continue unpacking and mowing my lawn and taking care of my plant kids. That place is definitely my home now. 🙂

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