Finally – Some Pictures!

It will be a month next week since moving into my new home. I haven’t updated the blog recently because I’ve been extremely busy, which I’m looking at as a positive. This is truly my home now. I have a social life that I never imagined I would have had when I moved here knowing absolutely nobody. I’ve had a visit from my aunt and uncle, then a visit from my mom. I’m wrapping up my third year at my job and there have been a lot of end of year activities. Exhausted from roller skating today, I decided it was time to share some pictures of my home before I start decorating it. There are still some boxes and lots of things lying around, but it looks far better than it did a few weeks ago. So without further ado, here are some pictures:

Future art studio/office
View from the front door
View of the dining room from the art room
View from the dining room towards the art room
Future gallery wall
My mandevilla. I’m painting the ceiling a haint blue.
New rug with love from mom
Better kitchen view
Another angle. Not much happening here, my bed takes up most of it
Half bath with window
The hallway facing front
Full bath selfay
A glimpse of the “style” I’m going for in the full bath

So, what are your thoughts so far? What are your thoughts on the paint samples in some of the photos? I have a few favorites, and my guests have all agreed with me. Coming up, I’ll have more pictures of the exterior. I won’t be doing much work this summer on account of my summer budget which means only buying things that are absolutely necessary to live. It will be a good time to finish unpacking before the fun commences.

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