The First Week

I apologize for not updating my blog for over a week. I closed on my house, spent many evenings cleaning and packing, moved all my stuff, had a visit from my aunt and uncle, unpacked all my stuff, and settled in. I plan on posting pictures soon.

I love my new home. I don’t mean love in the sense that I love macaroni and cheese and sunny days. I mean love in the sense that I feel at peace here and I’m emotionally attached to  this place. I look around in awe that this is all mine and that I need to take care of it. I am 100% sure that this was meant to be my home and I’m so happy. I have no “what ifs” lingering my head, and that’s a really good feeling. One of my biggest worries when looking for a house was being left with regrets and “what ifs.”

I met a lot of challenges this past week. The drain for my washer seems to be having a problem. As water poured out of the drain and all over the floor, I didn’t get upset. Instead, I said to myself “Yeah homeownership!” I’m still working on a solution to the problem (I had a plumber come and look at it). I mowed my first lawn. I’ve never had a lawn to mow so this was incredibly exciting. It was also incredibly exhausting, so I’m going to cancel my membership to the Y. I learned that an awl is probably the most useful tool in the box, and I finally have curtains on my sliding glass doors. I fixed a running toilet with the help of the Internet.

I have a loooooong list of things to do. The priority is working out the issue with the washer drain. I have paint samples hanging pretty much everywhere. I can’t wait to get my dining room table down from my mom’s house. Hopefully, I can get my papasan down too so I can put it on the screened in porch. I bought plants at the farmer’s market yesterday that I want to put on my front stoop. I need to rake and pull hostas out from the back so I can plant herbs. I need to find a spot for my lilac. I want to paint my shutters black and my front door a bright color. I need nightstands for my room. I want to paint the wood paneling in the art studio/office white and hang up my tapestry. The third bedroom is packed with stuff I didn’t need right away but need to unpack. I need to line my closet shelves.

People tell me this list is never going to end and I believe them. As I sit here writing this I’m thinking of more and more to do. But since this is my home now, and I love it, I’m looking forward to doing it all. Talk to me in a year and I might feel differently, but as of this morning I have stars in my eyes about taking all of this on.

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