Emotional Eating

Ever since I put an offer in on my soon-to-be new home (closing is tomorrow!!!) I noticed I’ve been eating a lot. A lot. Enough that this conversation happened last week:

Students: Can we ask you something?
Me: Sure, what’s up.
Students: I heard you were pregnant. Is that true?
Me: …Definitely not.
Students: We didn’t think so.
Me: I mean… do I look pregnant???
Students: No! That’s why we wanted to ask. Also cause we know you’re not married so like, how could you be pregnant?
Me: That’s exactly right.

I’d already been feeling like it was starting to get noticeable that I was eating a lot and that it was all going to my stomach. My self-esteem dropped a few points after that conversation but it’s currently at its normal level. What’s funny is that I don’t feel stressed about the house. I feel as though I’ve been supported by my realtor, mortgage lender, friends, family, heart, and gut. How often can people say their heart and gut are aligned!?!

Maybe my stress is hidden in my subconscious, that tricky part of the glacier of the mind that rests below the surface. Moving is one of the most stressful experiences of someones life, especially buying a home! How could I not feel stressed? That’s not normal. So instead of feeling the stress, I’ve been feeding my stress.

Not saying it hasn’t been delicious, I just know that I cannot eat like this the rest of my life. Half a box of Thin Mints? Not on the regular. That was only acceptable due to moving stress. Going back to get seconds on the baked spaghetti? Leave it in this chapter, which is coming to an end.

Tomorrow, I’ll burn some of the calories by signing my life away at the closing. 🙂

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