All the Small Things

While the serious stuff continues to happen, I’ve begun the packing process. “I don’t have much stuff,” I said. “It won’t take long for me to pack at all,” I said.

When I moved here almost 3 years ago, I came down with whatever I could fit in my car and my mom’s car. We both drove 2 door coupes. Over the years, I’ve established myself here and purchased what I call “Grown Up Furniture” because it’s not from IKEA and I didn’t have to build it and it’s made out of real wood and I’m still paying for it. But, I’ll have it forever. I also purchased my proudest possessions, which are my washer and dryer. The challenge now is getting all this stuff to the new house.

To illustrate how much stuff I’ve accumulated, I’d like to share some before and after photos of my current apartment. Since my home will be almost twice the size, I’m going to go from feeling like I have too much to feeling like I don’t have enough.

BEFORE: "DINING" ROOM (aka my studio)
BEFORE: “DINING” ROOM (aka my studio)
AFTER: the studio after I had already started packing and gathering boxes

Probably the most useless space in my apartment, I’ve used the “dining room” as an art studio. What I hate about this space is that there is no window or natural light so it’s very uninspiring. I was more inspired using the corner of my mom’s dining room as a “studio” than I was having this entire room. It’s mainly served as a catchall space for recycling.

I’d like to point out the stack of IKEA LACK boxes in the left side of the “Before” photo.

BEFORE: The right side of my kitchen.
BEFORE: The left side of my kitchen.
AFTER: Please excuse the mess.

What can I say about the kitchen? It’s your typical, character-less apartment kitchen. Over the years I spruced it up by adding the shelves to free up counter space from the toaster oven, and by adding interesting works of art to the walls (the purple painting in the AFTER is an original by me 🙂 )

I’m looking forward to having more cabinet space and counter space in my new kitchen. I have an absolute lack of storage in my current kitchen. I plan on getting an IKEA island and putting a pantry in the mud room to make everything more efficient. I don’t even care that the appliances don’t match.

However, my amazing taste in magnets will be the same.

BEFORE: The folded up comforter on the floor served as a couch. Hey wires.
AFTER: Looks like a home.

Probably the most dramatic transformation, I spent the first weeks of living in my apartment by watching TV folded like a burrito in a comforter OR sitting in an outdoor concert chair making full use of the cup holder. First, I bought the couch. Then, I got a bunch of stuff from IKEA. After that, I invested in my grown up TV stand which inspired me to relocate my snow globe collection to here.

Fun story: I used to have a purple rug in front of my couch. One day, I decided it was appropriate to vacuum under the purple rug. When I pulled it up, I realized the purple had bled onto the carpet! There was a purple, rectangular stain on the carpet! I quick went to Home Depot and bought a good stain remover and scrubbed the carpet. You can’t even tell now. The purple rug now resides in my office, where IDGAF if it stains the carpet.

Finally: the bedroom. I’ll be downgrading in bedroom size but it’s okay.  All I do in there is sleep anyway.

BEFORE: Livin on an air mattress.
AFTER: I’ve reached my goal of owning a sleigh bed. Original painting by me behind the bed.
AFTER: Another shot of grown up furniture with the kids, and the tapestry from New Mexico.

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