The Serious Stuff

Mortgage. Inspection.

This guy says it all.
This guy says it all.

My favorite part of visiting Paris was seeing how no matter what time period you’re living in, human emotion has stayed the same. The statue above, taken at the Tuileries, represents my emotions over the past week.

I had my inspection last week. Overall, it went well. Is there a perfect house? NO! Even new construction comes back with notes from inspectors. Some of the highlights from my inspection included:

  • A joist in the crawl space wasn’t installed properly. It’s located under the full and half baths. We’re going to ask for it to be installed properly.
  • Some of the drain spouts are not attached properly, so water is getting under the house into the crawl space. There’s no significant damage, but over time this could be a problem. One piece of gutter is also in really rough shape, so we’re going to ask for those to be fixed.
  • A feature of southern homes that I’ve learned about are the vent windows in the crawl space. I have a mild understanding of their purpose. The screens on the vents of my home are either non-existent or have holes in them. What does this mean? Creepy crawlies and SNAKES and RODENTS can get into the crawl space through the vents. While I plan on inviting people over a lot, I’m not inviting creepy crawlies, snakes, or rodents so project number one will be replacing these screens.
  • I’m still not 100% on what the deal was with the gas furnace. I have a feeling that will be my first major replacement, though.

Of course, there were more things, but I only mentioned the big ones. Over time, I can repair the smaller things, either myself or by hiring a handyman. I believe it is a good sign that I’m excited to improve my handyman skills, besides the decorating part of living in a home.

As far as decorating goes, I’ve decided to tackle one room at a time, starting with the laundry/mud room. The reason I want to start here is because this room requires the most work. In fact, while I was hanging out in my future home during the inspection, I tried to adjust the blinds and they popped off the window and hit me. I have a bruise on my arm. The linoleum floor is peeling up around the edges, its obvious that the cat litter was kept there, and the ceiling is that nasty white tile. Ew.

What I’d like to do is replace the floor with laminate flooring and either paint or cover the ceiling with bead board. I also want to replace the ceiling lamp which currently looks like origami. There is wood rot on the door frame outside, so I want to replace the frame and paint the outside and inside of the door. I plan on hitting IKEA and buying a storage unit that will act as a pantry. After that, I’ll move on to the kitchen and work my way around, room by room.

That all will cost money. While I’m not going to go into detail about the mortgage process, I’d like to refer you to the picture of the man up above. They basically ask for blood from your first-born, a sample of your hair, a detailed list of every move you’ve made over the past 3 months, and when you think you’ve given them all you’ve got, they ask for more. I’ve scanned and emailed over 50 pages of documents and still they’re like, “Can you send us a copy of such and such?” and I’m like, “I thought I already sent you that!!!!” I spent 2.5 hours at work the other morning printing, signing, and scanning everything. Hopefully once I send the last 2 documents that they’re requesting it will be done. Luckily, my mom taught me the importance of good credit and smart spending so I think I’ll be okay, but good Lord.

This week coming up, I’ll continue to pack the few things I have, start changing my address, hopefully be approved for my mortgage, and so on. Today is proof that I’m a master procrastinator. My plan for this weekend was to pack and clean. Instead, today I chose to do laundry, wander around Lowe’s, hang out in Pinterest looking at paint colors, and update my blog. Maybe tomorrow I’ll continue packing.

My vibe this Saturday.
My vibe this Saturday.

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