I haven’t made it Facebook official yet, but last Monday I found The One.

I had seen this home come on the market and thought it looked like a great house. When showing my mom another house, she clicked a link to this one and said, “Ooh, I think you should look at this one.” I said, “Yeah, I really want to look at it.” It was in my preferred neighborhood for a great price.

So last Monday my amazing realtor at the last minute managed to schedule 5 showings for me after work. The first was to take a third look at the house which I did the stakeout for. This time, I felt really depressed in this house. I said I was glad to see a third time, because 2 out of 3 times it depressed me so it was time to move on. The second house we looked at was The One, the one my mom and I both liked.

I’ll spare the description because I plan on taking pictures to share so I can transform this blog from a “stress about finding a house” blog to a “home decorating” blog. I will share how I felt. As soon as I pulled into the driveway and explored the yard and walked into the front door… I knew. I felt it. Every room I entered was exciting and I saw myself living there. I loved everything about the house and the yard and the neighborhood. I looked at 3 more places after that (one in which I got the chills because of all the bad energy) and I was so uninterested in them. Every part of my soul was saying that it was The One. I didn’t even bother looking at the last house on the itinerary. I finally understand what everyone means when they say you know.

The next day at school, I shared my thoughts and feelings with Mrs. M. I’ve shared the whole journey with her because she’s like a sweet grandma and I just love talking to her. She said that my face was glowing and my eyes were sparkling with excitement, and that when I told her about other houses I didn’t have that look. She could tell I had found The One. She told me the next day that her husband said, “Well, you told her to make an offer on it, didn’t you?”

I made an offer on Tuesday morning. I signed the contract on Wednesday. I am beyond excited to make a dream like this come true. It doesn’t even feel like it’s really happening until I have the keys in my hand. I’ve already signed my life away, but I need to have those keys and my things there in order for reality to set in. I feel different than I did the last time I made an offer on a house. Something wasn’t sitting right with me then, but now I’m so confident. I’m nervous, but I’m confident that this is the home I will live in for years to come. I can do everything I’ve dreamt of doing there.

And there’s a screened in porch. :::mic drop:::

2 thoughts on “THE ONE

  1. Congrats Sarah! Sounds like you’re doing fine on the inspection and closing phase, what I tag as #ggic on, and I look forward to your updates on that phase and the final “Move and Recover phase (#ggmr)!


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