House Envy

I had my 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed earlier this week. Naturally, this event put my house hunting on hold for a few days. I would have loved to have spent my spring break looking at the new properties that have popped up in the area, but alas, I’ve spent the past week dreaming about steaks and roast beef sandwiches and being able to eat solid foods like I was able to a week ago.

When I logged onto Facebook today I saw a post from an acquaintance of mine. We knew each other back in my old life up North, friends of a friend. We’ve both moved to different parts of the South for different reasons. Today she posted 3 photos of a gorgeous house with the caption “starting the next phase of my life!” This house is stunning. It has an indoor pool in the back that sits on the water. I sat on my couch, and I admired her gusto. Here she is, someone in the same stage of my life, making the same decision I’m trying to make, and she did it. She is taking on all the fears and then some that I have. Of course, her house looks to be in much better condition than anything I’ve seen, but a pool and land on the water is a lot of maintenance. I happily and genuinely commented on how beautiful the place is and wished her the best of luck.

This simple move by someone I haven’t seen in years has relit the fire inside of me to achieve this dream of mine. I’ve made some really big, scary decisions in my life and they’ve all paid off. At a relatively young age, I’ve been able to check my biggest dreams off my bucket list. There is no way of knowing the future and what it’s going to bring, but I know that I’m ready to take this next step. I think I lost sight somewhere of what it is I’m looking for, and why I’m looking for it. Maybe losing 3 wisdom teeth will make me wiser and help me look around with a fresh point of view. I’m so ready to get back in the game. Way to go, long lost acquaintance.

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