Meet the Kids

Once upon a time, I was a plant killer. My most notorious plant death was when I spent my Christmas money on a bonsai and it was dead by the end of January. I was able to maintain a lucky bamboo throughout college but what ever happened to it is questionable. The most dramatic plant death was the night I noticed my peace lily was crawling. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was crawling with ants. I doused the plant in Raid and expected it to make a great recovery. It didn’t.

Despite my tendency to kill green things, I always dreamt of being a green thumb. Over the past few years I’ve greatly improved my planting skills. I have killed a jasmine, my raspberry bush never produced raspberries, and my gladioli never bloomed. But, my portulaca flourished all season, my mint always gets out of control, and I successfully grew an avocado tree (until it withered away and died).

One of the requirements of my future home is natural light. I want to continue to develop my green thumb. I’ve recently accumulated a number of plants whom I lovingly refer to as my kids. I talk and visit with them when I get home to see how they’re doing. I pay attention to how they’re feeling and Google symptoms. I hope to someday give them a home where they can grow to their full potential. So without further ado, let’s meet the kids:

The Eldest
The Eldest

On the far left you can see my jade. This is my second jade. I killed the jade my Nana bought me at the Philadelphia Flower Show by a) using the wrong potting soil and b) overwatering it. This guy was about half the size when I first got it and needs to be repotted soon. The two stick-looking plants are my plumeria. Also gifts from my Nana at the Philadelphia Flower Show, I originally had 3 plumeria but one of them disintegrated and died. These two have never bloomed but they seem pretty healthy. Maybe someday they’ll bloom.

Ms. Sanseveria and her new growth.
Ms. Sanseveria and her new growth.

I’ve had this plant for over a year now. I recently moved her to a spot on the floor in front of my patio door. I was excited this morning to discover a new growth in the very center. The light green leaf was the most recent new growth. On the floor is a weird spot for a plant but she seems happy there. Someday I hope to move her to a proper shelf.

Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cactus

A recent purchase is this Christmas cactus. I went a little overboard and purchased a ginormous plant which I’m very nervous about killing. I also have this plant on the floor because I have a rental and have no intentions of drilling a hole in the wall so soon before I plan on moving. There are some buds, but I’m not sure it gets enough light. Just as long as it stays alive until I can put it in a proper place, I’ll be happy.

I think it would be appropriate to name this avocado "Korma."
I think it would be appropriate to name this avocado “Korma.”

Since my last avocado died I tried again at getting another one to root and I’ve been successful. I had an old jar of Korma in my fridge so I rinsed it out and it has served it’s purpose nicely. The white line between the labels is the root 🙂 In the background you can see my new lilac!!!! I plan on putting the lilac into a big container on my deck, then maybe replanting it when/if I find a house.


This is my pothos. I love viney plants. This plant is doing really well, which it should, since pothos are on the list of plants you can’t kill. My dad’s pothos is older than me, and even though it looks pitiful, it still has a nice vine.

The newest kids <3
The newest kids ❤

(Disclaimer: yes, I know my window is filthy.) Today I went to Lowe’s to get potting soil for the lilac and came out with 3 new succulents. I’ve had my heart set on a string of pearls (far right) for months now and I can’t wait to see how this little guy flourishes. In the middle is an echeveria that is just about to bloom with beautiful yellow flowers. On the left is a kalanchoe that has pink blooms ready to open. My to-do list for tomorrow is to repot them, along with the jade. In the foreground is my thriving pothos.

String of Pearls
String of Pearls

These kids deserve a good home. I hope I can someday find a place worthy of their beauty.

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