You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

But if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need (shout out to the Rolling Stones for dropping that truth on us).

Yesterday after work, I looked at the house that threw me for a loop on Sunday. I had set my heart on the house needing renovations when my realtor asked me and my 2 friends if we wanted to look at a few other places she had found. I said, “Sure, why not. We’re out!” The only downside I can see to finding a house is no longer looking at houses. That’s probably the most fun part of the process.

My realtor had picked out 2 other houses for us to see. The first was a dud that had a gorgeous deck and sunroom but needed even more work than my renovation house. The floor also appeared to be detaching itself from the wall. The second house we went to see, well, I wasn’t expecting to like it so much.

We walked up to a mid-century ranch with a giant front window. I’ve always said I would never live in a ranch but ranches seem to be the way in my part of the USA. “Look, it has a driveway!” my friends exclaimed, referring to the fact that the reno didn’t have a driveway but rather some rocks. The house looked to be in good shape from the outside. We opened the front door to a long room with brand new laminate flooring. Next to that room was the living/dining room with giant floor to ceiling windows and all the natural light I had asked for. Under the carpet were hardwood floors. The kitchen could use an entry way to the living room to make the flow easier but it had a dishwasher and a window over the sink. Off of the kitchen was an already ready to go laundry/mud room with a door to the patio that had crepe myrtles and room for my hammock. “Look, there’s already a patio!” my friends explained, referring to the fact that the reno didn’t have a patio. Let me take a moment to point out the reno’s washer/dryer were in the kitchen and I was planning on moving plumbing around to create a laundry room. The reno also lacked a dishwasher. The more we kept looking around, the more I got excited. The bathroom was in good shape and there is a window! The three bedrooms were sized right, and I didn’t even need to worry about if my bedroom furniture would fit. “This house is move-in ready” my friends said. “You can move right in and take your time fixing it up.” I got so excited that I took a video to send to my mom, which I never got to send because it’s “too big.”

As my realtor shut the door behind us, I declared, “I WANT THIS ONE!”

Later that night, I talked to my mom and I realized I liked the reno better. Once I met with the contractor at the reno, I realized the reno was too much for me. I had a mid-morning crisis the next day where I decided I wanted the townhouse. Within hours I remembered why I didn’t want the townhouse, because I can’t change the location of it and I just don’t want to live that far out of the city.

The next morning, in the shower of course (where we all do our best thinking) I had an epiphany. The house that my friends loved, my mom wasn’t feeling, but that had stole my heart for just a few hours from the reno, was the perfect house. It was a cross between the move-in readiness of the townhouse, and the fixing-up of the reno. It met all of the things I had asked for, which is why I bolded certain things in the above paragraph. I had already asked my realtor if I could see it again, and when I arrived earlier than she, I walked around outside and took it all in. It was the right size, in the right condition, and I had ideas for pulling out the bushes and putting in hydrangeas. Once we got inside, it continued to feel right. It was the right size, and even on a cloudy day it had a lot of natural light. I started to mentally decorate and mentally have my family visit from NJ for holidays and friends over for board game nights. I would be proud to have people over in this home. Would it need work? Yes, all houses do. But I could move in and take it slowly. I restrained my excitement, but as I started to leave I felt a wave of excitement that I actually didn’t want to leave. The home had a feeling of warmth and welcoming that would only get better with the addition of one thing: me.

So, now I’m in a holding pattern. The weather is bad, and I haven’t heard back from the lender yet. I want this house. I need this house. When another friend asked me the pros and cons, I listed a bunch of pros, but I couldn’t think of any cons. No “it’s too this” or “it’s too that.” It’s just right. I’m grown enough to know that “just right” is hard to come by, so I’m going to embrace it head on.

I think I’ve found The One.

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