A Brief History

Thank you for finding your way to my blog!

The main goal of this blog is so I can share my journey from potential first time home buyer to owner. I want to share this journey with my friends and family, but also with others going through the same experience.

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to own a home. I guess you can say I’ve always subscribed to the American Dream – job, house, family. So far I have the job, but I don’t have the house or family yet. I can’t control the family aspect, so I’ve started chasing my dream of home ownership. I’ve always wanted a house with a yard where I can plant flowers and vegetables. I’ve never lived in a home with its own yard, it’s always been shared with neighbors. I’ve always wanted a place with some character that I can put my own stamp on. I’ve never been a fan of McMansions or sterile decor. Having moved around pretty frequently throughout my 20s, I’m ready to settle down and plant some roots.

I’ve been looking at homes for over a year now. I started with the usual Trulia account, just clicking and looking. Then, last spring, I started going to Open Houses on Sundays. I remember going to my first open house and feeling so weird and out of place. Looking back, I think these feelings came from not believing that I would ever be able to make this dream come true but also from the fact that I was in no position to buy. I was merely looking around to see what I liked and didn’t like, to see what neighborhoods I would be interested in and which I wouldn’t, and to meet potential realtors. I continued doing this until the summer.

Then I went through a dark phase. I wanted to move back North to be closer to friends and family. I wanted to move back North to get paid more at my job. This dark phase lasted a few months, probably from October until around New Year’s. My trip back North made me realize that I had a nice little life going for me down South, and that the grass isn’t always greener. Everything is expensive in the Tri-State area and if I wanted to ever own a home, I would have to wait years to be able to afford to do it there. Or, the reality of my never being able to afford home ownership set in. That was a big realization for me, along with realizing that I’ve established myself in my career and that I wasn’t really wanting to start over. My 20s were a time of stop and go, stop and go, and now that I’m 30, it’s time to stop and breathe and settle.

Once I saw the light, I began going to Open Houses again. I ran into a realtor I had met at an Open House over the summer, and I realized that I would enjoy working with her because I feel like we could be friends. I went to the bank and talked to someone about a mortgage so I would have a realistic idea of what I could afford. I set up a meeting with my realtor and asked millions of questions. Then, I started house hunting.

As of this moment, I believe I have found my home. However, there are still some details to work out. In the next few posts, I’ll share how the house hunting search went and how I felt in this home versus the others. Then, maybe I’ll be able to share good news! After that, then I can talk about all the renovations! So far, this has been an exciting journey and I hope you’ll join me along the way. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “A Brief History

  1. Hi Sarah, I look forward to hearing about your story! I’m writing a book about home buying, particularly the gotchas to avoid and the psychological aspects at each stage, so your thoughts and experiences are really interesting to me. For over a year I have kept a collection on Pinterest of what I think are all the best infographics and articles I find, so if you like you can take a look at http://www.pinterest.com/gotchaguide .
    Best wishes,


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